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August 07, 2008


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Rafael Ortiz

Nice and accurate review, except one correction: The headset jack is 2.5mm, not 3.5mm. You can get an adapter at Radio Shack or similar to use 3.5mm headsets.

Keith Tyndall

I did some double-checking, and the headset port is indeed 2.5mm, and I have updated my review. It's interesting that the W376g manual published online by Motorola says to plug in a 3.5mm headset to use the FM radio on the phone, when the phone's port is 2.5mm. Hmmm.
Anyway, I give a hearty Thank You to Rafael for pointing out the proper headset jack size!

Diane S.

I've used a Jabra headset from one of my old phones and it works just fine with this Tracfone. It does have 2.5 mm port.


Besides what is mentioned. I don't care for the buttons at all. I need to use the tips of my fingers and listen for the beep. I need to key in passwords and numbers for my business and I'm always get kicked off for keying the wrong numbers. Arrggh!

Derek Peevey

wonderful review. me and my wife just replaced our old v170 from Tracfone. it was the lowest camera phone that we saw. double minutes was icing on the cake. thanx for confirming the size of the headphone jack was not 3.5mm as stated in the .pdf file. i knew it was small and now can take the headphones we bought back and get the correct size.
again very well done!


I have a Nokia 2126 Tracfone that I purchased almost 3 years ago. I would like to upgrade to the TracFone Motoroloa W376g but I still have around 450 minutes on my Nokia. Can I transfer my number and minutes from my Nokia to the Motorola, if I decide to purchase one?


Keith Tyndall

You can definitely transfer your minutes and your service time from the Nokia to the Motorola. You SHOULD be able to transfer your phone number also, but sometimes they have trouble with that. You might want to call Tracfone first to make sure they can transfer your number.



The USB port charges on a MAC without any modifications.


So which phone do you recommend. The W376 or the LG 600? Thanks.


Both the TracFone W376g and the TracFone LG 600 are fine phones, and you would do well with either one.

Unless the ability to connect your phone to a via bluetooth is a big priority for you, or you just really like the looks of the Lg 600, I'd probably go with the W376g. Especially since the W376g is $20 cheaper.

That's my .02



The W376g also charges on a printer with a usb port as well without any modifications.


Has anyone been able to receive email with this phone? I am on a T-Mobile network.


i need help i have motorolla prepaid and it wont charge with my usb idk y wont it but tell me why
i have a windows cpu


The battery does not hold a charge for more than 2 days. A HUGE inconvenience!


te: I'm not sure that the W376g can consistently be charged with a usb cable hooked up to a computer. You probably need to use the charger that came with the phone and plug it into a standard electrical socket. If you want, you could also try charging it on a friend's computer just to see if the problem is with your computer.

BJ: You might need to turn the bluetooth off on the phone when you're not using it. I need to updated my review, but my tests have shown that the W376g held its charge about 4 days with bluetooth on all the time, and about 7 days with bluetooth off. This was without making any calls during that time.


I will be moving from a Motorola Razr V3 with ATT to a Motorola W376g. Will I be able to move my data by swapping SIM cards? If I buy from CC or similar rather than bubble pac can they move my data over?

I have a Bluetooth adapter for the computer but it looks like I will not be able to communicate with the cell phone program I now have synchronized with my V3. Is this correct or has there been a software upgrade.


Will the DMFL that comes with the Moto376 and LG600 apply to the "Family Value Plan"? In other words, if we buy those phones AND subscribe to the family value plan, will we get 50 minutes x 2 for the 1st phone and then 30 minutes x 2 for the other 2 phones each month for the life of the phones? (We are a family of 3)

Michelle Harris

I am having difficulty in trying to activate the hands free speaker phone. One of the main reasons I purchased this phone was for this feature. The manual says to simply press the "speaker phone" button to turn it on or off, however there is no such button on the phone. I did get it to say spkr phone in the lower right hand spot on the menu screen, however, it did not work at all. This phone and the manual which I had to go to lengths to get, almost have me calling up tracfone and getting a refund. Now I know why people go for the yearly plans and regular cell phones. This one does not let you do anything unless it is through tracfone, like ring tones, etc. Has anyone else had similar problems? I am spending way too much time trying to figure out how to use it rather than actually making calls.

Keith Tyndall

DoubleL - I'm 99% sure that you can't just swap your sim cards. I'm not sure at all whether CC can copy the data from one sim card to the other, though I'd be interested in hearing back one way or the other.
As far as I know, the bluetooth on the W376g is still not able to connect to a computer.

Ren - According to the TracFone Value Plan FAQ, the value plan minutes do get doubled if you have DMFL.

Celeste Freddie

I know you said that is cost to send pictures, but does it cost to actually take the picture and save it to your phone?

Keith Tyndall

It does not cost anything to take pictures and save them to the phone.

Rob Bay

I had a thought but don't know if would work, is it possible to save pictures on the SIM card and then take them off using a SIM card reader rather than paying for airtime?

I ask because I'm looking to buy a cheap digital camera, and this would have the added benefit of the radio and phone.

Keith Tyndall

Rob, I've read about people copying their contacts using a SIM card reader, but not their pictures. That doesn't mean it can't be done, I just haven't been able to find anyone who has done it.

It does seem, however, that if you can read contacts off the SIM card then you could read pictures as well.

Sorry that I can't be of more help on this one.


The Moto manual has several references to an "Additional Storage Device" (distinct from SIM) without any details on what it is or how to attach. Do you know what this is?

Jan T

Do you have a review of the LG225 now offered by TracFone for $39.99 + accessory kit & DMFL? I couldn't find it on your blog or site anywhere, but maybe I overlooked it. I would like to compare with the LG600. Thanks for the great information!

Keith Tyndall

Bob, unfortunately, I'm not really sure what the "additional storage device" is. I've never read about anyone using one.

Jan, I bought a LG225 to purchase, but the screen went white the 2nd time I charged it up, so I'm going to have to send it back. I still plan on writing an LG225 review, but it will probably be a few weeks before I get to it.


I'm thinking about getting this phone, but mostly using it for texting (since it's much cheaper to text). Can anyone tell me how texting is on the phone, and how good iTap is? I've heard that it pales in comparison to t9, but It's pretty good. I've also heard that it's absoulutly terrible and it's easier to use the abc mode. Any answers would be greatly apprecated.


if you get a multimedia message that contains an mp3 can you open and save it on to the w376g?

Cathy L

Great Review, just commenting on the part about the browser part which I have seen some people have problems accidently hitting it. If you go into the settings, personalize,home screen,home keys, then choose left soft key, you can change it to what you want. I personally change that one to the camera and changed the right one to messages. that is what is there now and I have no chance of accidently hitting it to open the browser now. Just thought I would share info.

Dave Anderson

Can you receive pictures on this phone via the text messaging? Whenever I send a picture/text to this phone it doesn't receive either the text portion or the photo.

Don Jacobs

I have a Tracfone, Motorola W376g. I echo the comments made in the 8/7/08 review. I'll add that my phone has a shorter battery life, it only lasts 2.5 to 3 days idle time with the only activity being flipping the phone open twice a day to check the desktop battery indicator; I am only a casual user, battery life would probably be only 1 to 1.5 days with typical use of a few calls a day. I called Tracfone and they tried to tell me that 2-3 days battery life is normal depending on use. When I pointed out that 2-3 days was with almost no use, they still tried to say that was normal. When I pointed out that the phone's package said 15 days standby time, and their website said 10 days, I was asked for how long I charged the phone. When I said about 2 hours and the phone shows "charge complete;" I was told to charge the phone for about 10 hours, I asked doesn't the phone stop charging after it displays "charge complete," I was told that the phone keeps charging. I tried leaving the phone plugged in overnight but that made no difference; I also contacted Motorola and verified that the phone does in fact stop charging after the phone displays "charge complete." I contacted Tracfone and pointed out that charging stops once "charge complete" is displayed, and asked whether they thought it was a faulty battery or faulty phone; they said it could be the battery and they sent a replacement battery which I received a couple days ago; so far the new battery seems to make no difference in battery life. I'll try to get a new phone next.


Hello Keith!
I'm a college student interested in getting a prepaid cell phone to save money since I read your review.
I'm new to the whole cell phone & prepaid
thing. I never had a cell phone because I was afraid of long term and short term contracts, too much red tape with contract holders.
I read your reviews, it's very imformative. It made me interested in getting one presently, specifically the "TracFone Motorola W376g."

My question:
When you call a cell phone user with a contract, does he/she know if your using a prepaid phone at all?

Keith Tyndall


No, the person you are calling has no indication at all that you are using a prepaid phone. You can just keep it your litte secret! :-)

John Reynolds

Thanks in advance. Can't find this info anywhere.
Is it possible to:
1 temporarily disable the voice mail?
2 change the time (number of rings) before voice mail answers?

again, thanks!




I'm switching from Virgin Mobile to Tracfone. Reason? Because I 'cannot' get service on the Virgin Mobile outside of my State. My sister has an older Tracfone and has no problem.
My dilema? I'm trying to decide between the LG225, LG600G, or now the W376G.
Anyone know how reliable these are for service?


So there is no way of getting the pictures of without using your minutes?

&& if you dont have a headset?


Read the tip from Sam posted 12/13. I dont understand how that changed things.On my 376g,I have trouble with the"hard key" marked with a "globe"icon next to the "left" button.I have hit it prolly 5-6 times in the 4 days I have had this, and charged every time.. The "soft" browser key you speak of does not connect you to the web,thus no charges.At least not on my fone.Is there a way to disable the browser "hard"key?


Hey Tracfone dude
to delete your pics the EASY way do the following.
Click on camera
press menu button
select go to pictures, pics will load then DO NOT press View.
Just click the menue button
Pictures Menu then appears and "delete" is the bottom choice on 1st page

Keith Tyndall

booboo - I have never seen a way to disable the browser "hard key" on the W376g. I suppose you could always take the phone apart and tinker with the hardware under the key, but I'll leave that to the experts. :)

Zachary - There's no way that I know of to get the pictures off the phone without using minutes.

Connie - From what I've read, the W376g has a good reputation for service reliability, not that the others have a bad reputation.

John - I'm 99% sure you can't temporarily disable voicemail on a TracFone, but I'm not sure whether you can change the number of rings.

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