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September 15, 2008


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this code for $3 was rejected on lg600 on 10/16/2008.

Larry McCart

Hi, Great site; I just purchased the Motorola W376g and activated it with TracFone. I think their plan will be fine for me. My wife has Verizon , I will compare coverage between Verizon and TracFone for a while and if the coverage is comparable we will switch to TracFone's family plan.Your site was verry helpfull in making my decision to go with TracFone. I bought the W376g because of the Bluetooth. I want to get a hands free speaker for my truck. I have been told that my phone will not pair with all bluetooth devices. Does anyone have any suggestions on which visor mounted portable Speakerphone works best with the W376g?


Larry, Thank you for the kind words!

I'm afraid that I don't have much experience with the type of automotive bluetooth speakerphone that you're talking about. Maybe you can get one at a local store and take it back if it doesn't work? Be sure, of course, to check the store's return policy.


I ordered one of the refurb W376g phones 9/30/09 and the $3 off code was rejected. It worked last time I made an identical order.


I know this probably won't do Larry much good, but the W376g will pair with my Sony NV-U94T GPS-can make calls in/out, but can't transfer my phone book from the phone to the GPS (run into the crippled Bluetooth/USB function).

Pricier than a speakerphone, but if you can use/need a GPS...?

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