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September 27, 2008


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Just used promo code 14938 to double a 60 minute card. I've got DMFL with my phone, so this code gave me 180 minutes -- it doubled the 60 minute card and then spotted me the bonus 60 minutes. Very nice!

Shiela Brooks

Hi Keith, this sounds really simple, but I am having problems with my Motorola 260g - voice mail - the phone flashes when a call is incoming, but does not ring - I can make outgoing calls okay, all volume controls are on the loudest settings.... i've called Tracphone twice now and since the voice mail system is in their hands, not on the phone set, i am surprised that they don't seem to be able to correct my problem. This occurred when i went to record a voice message with my name ( for when i miss calls ) and apparently pressed an incorrect key.....when speaking with then in Belise last night, they could not fix it over the phone and said it would be corrected in 4 hrs - well i still have the problem. Any thoughts?


i want oneof these phones

Chuck Welling

On the motorola W 260g, what is the radiation level omitted when in use?


With my luck nobody is probably checking these questions so I prob wont get a darn response any time
Anyways, I currently am using tracfone, which model i dont know off the top of my head but anyways I have an opporunity to use the motorola w260g, my 15 yr old son has grown tired of it bought a new phone and has now give me his old phone (motoraola w260g)...anyways, i looked it over and immediately loved it!! Except one major problem, well for me anyways...the clock!!! HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE DISPLAY TIME ON THE PHONE??? I HAVE TRIED EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE...I HAVE CLICKED ON EVERYTING FROM 'SETTINGS' 'PREPAID' 'PESONLIZE' 'OFFICE TOOLS' ...AND STILL NOTHING!!! I THOUGHT I FOUND IT WHEN I WENT TO POWER ON/OFF BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SETTTING THE DARN TIME........PLZZZZ HELP CAUSE I REALLY LOVE THIS PHONE BUT CANT LIVE W/OUT THE TIME


which prepaid is better tracfone or net 10 and which one has nice cheap phones with more features

rubber keypads

this entry level fones are great have the motorola w156 the older version of the w175 which very durable and handy.

Shelia G

Denise C - I just bought the motorola w260g and as soon as I activated the phone w/ TracFone online my time set it's self... did your son live in a different time zone? You may need to go online or call customer service and change the area code the phone is going to be used in...
Hope this helps... Shelia G


My Tracfone Motorola W175 is now a 1-year veteran road warrior. The battery life is unbelieveably enduring; each discharge/charge cycle seemed to add even more useful life! Audio quality is very acceptable - hey, it's a telephone for Pete's sake. The unit is so lightweight and small I have to pack it in a holster so I don't misplace it. The phone is reliable, inexpensive, and not mugger-bait. I'm duly impressed!



Kevin Carr

I really like the W260G phone because the batterie last about 2 Weeks without even opening the darn phone. The other phone is different and cant keep a good charge for awhile.

Jay freedline

i need a user guide for a motorola w260g can you help me



Can You Send A Photo To A Motorola W175 Phone From Another Phone?If So,then How?


I've had my motorola w260g since around 2007, it's a great phone! Sadly though it's taken damage recently and the screen is dying :(

Bill Seiple

I have a w260g and have a number that keeps calling at least once a day and every day of the week.
Need to block this out.Driving me bats!!
How is that done with this phone, or can't it be done? Fustrated!! Been going on for about a year.


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