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February 05, 2009


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hey i talked to tracfone today. The samsung t301g will be released on monday march 16, 2009. The features they told me it would have is a camera, bluetooth, texting, and fm radio. Price the lady hinted at around $50.00

Matt Anderson

How can I download the ringtone of my choice for the Samsung T201g from Net10? Net10 made it look like I could download whatever ringtone I wanted and could surf the web. Both of these are not true.

Keith Tyndall

You've touched upon something that I mention in all of my TracFone phone reviews.
They used to say that the phones had internet, but now they say this:
"Buy Ringtones, Graphics, News, Weather, Sports and more using Airtime Minutes"

They don't mention, however, that you can only buy ringtones from TracFone or Net10, not from anywhere else.

Technically, you can get midi ringtones. I talk about this here:


Although it may not still be possible to do this, I was able to save my minutes by sending ringtones to my cell phone using regular INTERNET and regular EMAIL.

The email address that Net10 users would use to email themselves ringtones via text message uploading to their phone depends on the carrier they have. (Each carrier has their own special text messaging/email address).

It also depends on your location, because Net10 uses different carriers. I have several custom ringtones now, and it took approx. 3 minutes out of my minutes to upload to my cell. :)


Net10 is just fantastic, such good value for money. The phones are simple and easy to use. It's always good to know when they release new models though.


touchscreen and key pad please!:)


i feel ya

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