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April 27, 2009


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Do both phones have the same type of sim card in them? If so, that doesn't say much for the T101G.

Keith Tyndall

According to Tara, both phones were using AT&T towers, but the W376g consistently got better coverage.

Jonathan Turner (Phone Wiz)

To me it just sounds like a plain, simple, & basic phone. (Probaly good for beginners.)


Whar zip code did you use to activate your w376? Please help! I need to activate my phone!!

Desmond Grey

How can I view my phone call history on my online account with the T101G?


I agree I bought this phone, even with double minutes it probably isnt a good buy.

In the sun you cant see anything,

The speaker is to quite,

There are not enough settings that you can change

The phone always gets knocked and connects to web charging you $$$ and theres no way to turn it off. Im going back to STImobile


How can I increase the volume on the t101g?
Voices are faint during phone calls -- I can barely hear my callers.
Thanks for any help!


just got this phone; works flawlessly and is exactly what i need at the right price (unlike most 'winks nowadays, i don't run around with a phone stuck to my ear) - so $6 a month for a phone works for me - press the OK button to raise the volume - while talking or not... i find the voice quality to be *better* than the #@%$! Verizon contract phone i previously had

James Poulton

I got this TracFone and never use the browser how can I turn it off so I dont hit the brouse buttonaccidently and waste minutes


how can i get free ringtones for my LG TRACFONE???????????????????????


This phone works great for me as I just need the basics. It's cheap and kind of phone :)


to increase the volume press the upper navigation key,the one that is on top of the ok button


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It does everything as advertised. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Buy the bonus pack and the whole deal is only $10! My Motorola 376 battery died twice in less than 6 months. Don't need a cheap camera, blue tooth or other non phone additions. I do expect a reliable phone. This is smaller and so far reliable. If it dies I only wasted ten bucks and can transfer to another unit. Thanks TracFone!


Have maxed out the Volume to "7" and still can't hear on it. Have maxed out the Brightness and it's still dim. Cannot get more than ONE BAR, if that much, on this one. Had bought a T101 a couple years ago and loved it, so bought this second one, to transfer landline # onto it, but am really disappointed that this one is not working well. Shocked that there's so much difference between the old unit (working great) and this new one, which is not working well at all. :-( Disappoined!

Name's Not Important

There should be a class action lawsuit to force Tracfone to disable that "Browser" button because they deliberately put it in a spot (same place as the BACK button!) where you are likely to accidentally click it and waste minutes "browsing" when you never intended to!

Disgruntled One

Bought a SAMSUNG T101 a couple years ago and loved it, so bought second one, to transfer landline # onto it, but am really disappointed & frustrated. After much rigmarole, Tracfone transferred my # and mins to OFF the new dysfunctional T101 and onto the earlier T101 I liked; but immediately the PROBLEMS also got transferred to the original T101 instrument!? NO or only ONE BAR and poor audibility!? Am thinking the new SIM CARD is the culprit. Anybody else find problems after replacing SIM card on these units? This is an outrage, that Tracfone service/signals are so UNRELIABLE. VERY unhappy. Not sure what to do now--have a stack of FOUR Tracfones now, and still no decent reception or audibiity. DARN!


Lock the keypad to prevent the browser from starting accidentally. Press and hold the * key, then press "yes". Press the menu button then * to unlock. Answering the phone will automatically unlock the keypad.

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