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April 17, 2009


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Robert Golden

Has Part 2 been posted yet?


WHERE IS PART TWO!!!!! I really enjoyed your review. It was wonderfull and very helpful. I am very greatful for this review especially the one pic about the back of the phone in open position showing the camera. That is not my real email

Keith Tyndall

I have been in contact with Robert, and he is still working on part 2. He's had some other things going on and hasn't been able to work on the review much lately, but he hopes to have it finished soon.


ilike this website and i usually depend on a good review to KNOW IF I SHOULD GET THE PHONE!!!!! right now i am but i need part 2 to realy know for sure. what happens if i get this and it isnt good? PLEASE HURRY

Keith Tyndall

Part 2 is now posted!


My phone doesn't automatically lock when I slide it closed. I need to wait about 30 seconds for it to automatically lock. That's plenty of time to throw it in my purse and accidentally hit the browswer button without realizing it, deducting a lot of minutes. Is the phone supposed to automatically lock when it's closed? Is there a way to make it lock when closed? Thanks.

Keith Tyndall

Vanessa - My T301G locks in about 5 or 6 seconds after sliding it closed.

Go to Menu->Settings->Set Phone->Slide Settings and make sure that the Down setting is Stop Operation.

I wish it would lock immediately when it closes, but 5 seconds is better than 30!

Glen Treft

I LOVE my Tracfone!

I dumped my AT&T phone and got out of my cellphone contract when the company changed its terms. (Did you know that if they do that, it voids the contract? They don't tell you that, but I saw it on the Consumerist site and it worked! No termination fee too. Haha.)

Anyway, I got a prepaid Tracfone and I haven't ever had a problem with it. I wouldn't know about the customer service because I never had a reason to call them.

But the best thing about this is that there aren't any bills and I know what my costs are because I pay upfront for my calls. It's great!


I am not able to download any songs from another phone, which has bluetooth. WHY NOT??????

Keith Tyndall

Chris - For some reason known only to TracFone, they limit the bluetooth capabilities on their phones. I don't know why they do this, because it definitely leads to unhappy customers.


I am getting one i can't wait it is going to be my second phone ive ever gotten!!!!


I have had TracFone for 4 years and I still have the first phone I ever purchased with them it's the Nokia 1100b and it still works fine but I wanted a new phone. I just purchased the Samsung T301G from the TracFone website. I have not yet activated it so I can't tell you how the features are but the first thing I look for in a phone is if I can get a case for it, thats the reason my old phone lasted so long. TracFone said I would get a TracPac case with my new phone which I did. It's a case that you have to take the phone out to use it. The other thing I was not to happy with is that the case is PINK now some people might be happy with this but i'm not a pink person. Other than that I like this phone so far!!!!Hopefully they don't send out PINK cases to men because I know my boyfriend would not be too happy!!!

Richard Sheasley

I have not found a case that works for carrying this in the pocket at all. Basically a skin that would protect the screen and still allow it to slide open for use. I have found a pouch case with a belt clip that the phone will slide down into but has to be removed to be used. It is from a company called fonegear.

Roger C. Fitchorn

In your opinion which is the BEST trac fone for reception? My area code is 61701 and I have had trouble with all yje tracfones I have owned. I have a LG401G which you said in your report was missing some kind of card. Since I can`t bring the report back up, can you tell me what kind of card and its function?? Thank you for your time and trouble. Iam glad i found your reports, they are very interesting.

Keith Tyndall

Roger - It's hard to say with TracFone has the BEST reception in a given area because it depends so much on tower locations, terrain, etc. If you've had consistent reception problems in your area, you might try going to a local retailer and see if they will let buy a phone and test the reception, and then return it for exchange or refund the reception is unacceptable.


Can you mix net10 and tracfone cards since they are in the same family. I have a tracfone but net10 has a better deal on minutes.


How can I set the number of rings before going to voice mail for the Samsung T301G?

Keith Tyndall

Chardae - Unfortunately, you cannot mix Net10 and TracFone cards.

Jeff - I'm not sure how to set the number of rings. You might have to call TracFone's customer service.


can i use my old tracfone sim card for my samsung t301g?


Not a good phone... Here's why:
The display went bad, but there is no way to download or export my contacts. SIM chip is incompatible with replacement phone, even tho it is the same model number (SGH-T301G).


Does this phone have a speaker that can be turned on??... & if so, how??

kalm jefferson

i have the new samsung slider and i luv my tracfone when are we going to be able to have have unlimited text and talk that's what i want to know.


This is a great phone, but the Bluetooth is very limited. Otherwise, it's worth it!


Just got the T301g - works well. Had to waste some minutes dealing with customer service to get 2 phones, different numbers, working under one account. Basic customer service (CS) problem = CS apparently outsourced to another country (not USA) since all reps. are very difficult to understand due to heavy accent. We had to ask for other reps. or supervisor because of unintelligible CSR accent and lack of knowledge and resolution to seemingly easy issue.

Other than that, so far so good.


Can anyone tell me how to set the date and time on the t301g. This is not my first phone but I can't seem to figure this one out.

Jean Morton

I just purchased Samsung T301 slider and I can't access the Internet. When I push the browser button I get an error message saying Session has timed out. Does anyone know way I am having this problem? I called tracfon support but they couldn't help me.

Robert Block

Incoming calls on my T301G go directly to voice mail. why is that?


Where can I get a cover for my samsung t301t tracfone at?


Can I set this phone to reveal my number and/or name to the person I am calling? I don't like showing "Private Name" "Private Number" to my family and friends.


I finally figured out how to change the time display on my samsung t301g. So simple, all you do is turn the phone off, wait 10 seconds, turn it back on, and wallla it automatically updates and the correct time is there!!!

how do I set up the voicemail on my!


This is probably the best Tracfone phone. The only low points: crippled Bluetooth and non-programmable browser button.

@mpierce58 press and hold 1 and follow instructions.


Just an FYI for everyone mad about the browser button....IT CAN BE REPROGRAMMED!!!!!!!!!
you need to go to the menu and mess around from there, but i did reprogram my button, therefore making this the best Tracfone ever!


We used to get service coverage everywhere we went with our $9.99 Motorola Tracfone. We recently transferred our telephone number, minutes, etc. to our new Samsung T301G and could not get service in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. (We did get coverage there with our Motorola.) Could it be that our current sim card (or something else technical) is not correct? Thanks for any input.


Fran, I have the same problem in Pennsylvania. I previously had a Motorola phone that got coverage EVERYWHERE. Now with the Samsung, I hardly get any coverage and is very frustrating!!! I may go buy another Motorola because calling customer service gets you nowhere!


I like this phone other than the fact that I hate not being able to get on any internet sites. I bought the phone to be able to have access to this and I keep getting the "HTTP error: 403 forbidden)anytime I enter a web address. I could have bought a cheaper phone without this capability since I have had my tracphone a year and have tried to resolve this issue numerous times thru tech support to no avail. If you want browsing access, I wouldn't recommend this phone. I am about out of minutes and probably going to cancel mine and do some research for a different phone.

Dan Keith

Has anyone been able to connect this phone to a PC via usb cable to upload pictures to the PC? I called Tracfone CS and they say it can connect to a PC via USB but I'd like some real world input from actual users about this issue before I buy this phone, thx.



i like the double minutes...guess what on the browser you buy triple minutes for 40 dollars/60.30 minutes its done good i like it and the rest of all the minutes you buy it is triple for life.i also like its extra long battery another bar you can only save up to 50 photos the phone.the tools include calculator,alarms,notes,tip calculator,converter,timer,stopwatch,world time and sim app.the settings aresound profile,set display,set time and date,set phone,setcalls,bluetooth,set applacations,reset settings, and used space,,,,,,,,,

the phone comes with two games jump boy and can record your voice .
it also comes with pictures
you can download music pictures games and stuff like that in the browser



HAVE FUN...................


:P :3 :C :O :I XP


only available in black and or blue!!!!!!!!!


The t301g slider is getting old.. when will Tracfone give customers respect & put smarter phones in their lineup?
I'm not looking for an iphone clone, but really.. they can do much better in the below $60 category.


I'm disappointed to read that the receive-text bit isn't free. I am replacing a lost tracfone that had been subscribed to a dozen twitter accounts and had facebook statuses sent to me as texts, because my prior phone would not cost anything to receive texts, at all, ever..

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