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May 30, 2009


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TracFone Insider

I have the Tracfone lg 225 and have to say that it's a pretty nice phone for the price!

Kevin Saunders

Tracfone has this for 19.99 with a 60 minute card. I have a v376 which in your opinion is better? Should I upgrade, Im almost tempted to buy it just for the minutes anyway... one thing I like about the v376 is the blue tooth, it comes in handy when Im driving my truck (standard tramsmission so it's hard to talk and drive at the same time).

Paul Tow

If Bluetooth headsets are important to you, either stick with your W376g or get an LG 600g.

A 600g would add an external display and would have both better Bluetooth and better predictive text. Mine was $30 at Target, but the price may have changed.

From what I've read, the W376g's call quality is better than the 600g's.


My Name is Elston and I am a Tracfone Employee and I am here to assist anyone that needs any assistance. My contact information is 1.800.626.4883 ext 6107


Tracfone would do better to sell the phones that actually work everywhere, instead of the GSM phones. Slim and Obama, making your life worse.


Tracfone Coverage=ObamaCare

TracFone spam I hate

TracFone has been auto calling my work phone and leaving messages twice a day and I have never had a tracfone and I never will because of this unmitigated spam from them. My number is on the national DO NOT CALL list.
Call TracFone back at their office 1-800-867-7183. Talk to someone in sales. Tell them to take your phone number off their automated calling list or you will pursue legal action, especially if your number is on the DO NOT CALL list as mine is.

James Thomson

Is there any way to send a photo from my LG225 Tracfone to my Yahoo! or AOL email address?


r u still there?

cheree grififn

I bought a prepaid TracFone about a year ago and the problem is when I call other people, they don't recognize me because their caller ID shows "Private". I've called Tracfone tech support and asked them to fix it so my name...or cell phone# shows up when I call people. Tech Support says they can't do anything because it's a wireless service. I'm not understanding why this is so....because the previous Tracfone I had until I broke it...showed my phone#. The problem I'm having with my current Tracfone I don't understand, since it's a later model/version. I would like to know if what Tech Support is telling me is TRUE....(can't fix it to show my name or phone number because "it's a wireless service).....or are they giving me the run around ? ? ?

cheree grififn

About 2 weeks ago I post a bad review of Tracfone service. From this site I was able to email their customer service dept. who responded within 24 hrs (by email AND by phone). I am very very pleased to share that they FIXED the problem and apologized for the bad service we received from tech support. I have to give them credit for their positive response and expendiency in satisfying our concerns. We will continue to use Tracfone and just wanted to share our positive results with others.

Cheree Griffin


STAY AWAY!I have spent over 12 hours on phone with TracFone entering every # combination known and after a month of waiting for new SIM cards and replacement phones and buying additional minutes to make phones work-THE PHONES NEVER MADE A SINGLE CALL! "Customer service has been an absolute joke-you either can't understand them or they hang up on you or there was the time when the rep was having a vulgar profane discussion with one of the other reps!Too bad I understood that one!I returned the phones and now they will not refund my money-how do I spell SCAM? T-R-A-C-F-O-N-E! Stay away from this rip-off company


I have the LG 200c and love it. It is so simple and no buttons on the outside to get bumped when it is in my pocket.

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