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June 10, 2009


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Jim Hay

Sales person told me that I would need a cable to transfer photos to my computer. First cable did not fit. Then purchased 4 cables/software package - still did not work. Then purchased and tried Bluetooth USB plug- in - still did not work. It seems that some mention should have been made on the package regarding the fact of these difficulties in downloading photos. I feel like I have been defrauded by Samsung or Tracfone. It would have been nice to have been told the truth.

Keith Tyndall

Jim - Obviously, the salesperson at the store was mistaken. You can't use cables with any TracFone that I know of to transfer pictures to your computer. In general, you have to email them, but with the LG600 I've been able to transfer them to my computer over a bluetooth connection. I still don't know why TracFone locks down their phones this way, and I agree that they should put a disclaimer on their packaging about the limited capability of their phones to transfer data to a computer.

Casey Krakowiecki

I am considering the purchase of this phone to replace an older model Tracfone. I assume my minutes and phone number can be transferred?
The salesperson at Radio Shack told me I can check my email using this phone. Perhaps I missed it in your reports, but I didn't think from what you said that you can view or send email. Basically, the salesperson gave me to understand that I could access the Internet (without limitations) with this phone.

Wes M

I've already accidentally lost several minutes by launching the web browser WITHOUT intending to. Like the reviewer said, the browser button should not be so easy to press by mistake!

The double minutes for life of phone that comes with purchase is really a money-saver!

Wes M

Casey, I upgraded to this phone from an older Tracfone and the minutes transferred fine from the old phone.

But Radio Shack salespeople basically don't know squat about Tracfone phones. You really need to talk directly to Tracfone customer service.


I need to find a case for this phone. Any suggestions please reply!!!! Thankyou!!


just got my samsung t301g i upgraded from motorola w370 i like fone but would love more web access. i got my phone at kmart and active was easy transfre all min and phone number to new phone ..
ps if you getone from kmart make sure you check back within 7 days i got a price difference back on my phone it went on sell after i bought mine


I am interested in upgrading to the Samsung. I do alot of texting, Can someone who who has the Samsung T301G tell me how much it costs to send and recieve text messages?


-A browser button recessed more or positioned so it is not as easy to hit and connect by mistake

-A bit of a larger keypad

-An easier way to slide open the screen (without touching the screen and leaving fingerprints all over it)- maybe not an issue for women with longer fingernails

-A full browser that is not locked to Tracfone’s selected site

-A bluetooth that could be connected to computer for backup of contacts, addresses etc.

I couldn't have said it better


Just purchased the Samsung for $29.99 at Target, which is $20 off the suggested retail price. Also Target had discounted prepaid cards as well. Previously had Verizon but didn't want to continue paying for minutes that I didn't use (Verizon does not rollover minutes).I will activate as soon as the phone completes charging and then I will be able to evaluate it.

Rhonda Bonham

Bought this phone two months ago for my son and about one and a half months later the LCD became illegible. Am unable to get tracfone to replace the phone. Can still dial and receive calls just don't have caller ID anymore since the LCD doesn't work. Not happy that I can't get this phone replaced as I have been told before that they have a one year warranty.

Keith Tyndall

Jackie - It costs 0.3 minutes to send a text and 0.3 minutes to receive a text. MMS messages cost 1 minute to send or receive plus you are charged for the time the browser is open to upload or download the actual multimedia file.

Rhonda - TracFone definitely has a one year warranty. If you are not getting satisfaction from their normal customer service, then try contacting TracFone's customer escalations department.
From their website:
For Customer Escalations
Or call us at: 1-800-876-5753


I will start by saying I have always had very good luck with TracFone. From my recent experience, customer service works from scripts – “walk toward a door or window to see if you can get a signal”, etc. I can't get a decent signal with my new T301G. I finally spoke to someone at Customer Escalations who was more knowledgeable, and much more helpful. I have a technical question about my particular phone. I can’t get a signal most of the time. At times, I have 4 bars but still no signal – I get 4 bars and a picture of a phone handset with a red slash over it, no TracFone logo, and can’t make calls. Does that make sense that I could have 4 bars but no signal?? Don’t the bars signify a signal??? I’m confused.


I got the Mototrola W370 last year in August and now looking for a new phone because mine is getting old and "breaking" easily. It will shut off and I wont know, even when the battery is full and I didn't press any buttons. I saw the new Samsung T301g on the website and thought it was pretty cool. But, when I got my Motorola W370, I could only get text messages from tracfone users for about the first 3 months. Is this the same for this phone? When I get it will i be able to recieve text messages from non- tracfone users? Thanks

Keith Tyndall

Marie - Hopefully customer escalations can help you with the problem with the signal. I've never seen anything quite like that before.

Rachel - You should be able to get text messages from anyone. That must have been a glitch on your W370.


Can you only get polyphonic ringtones with this phone or can you get real music ringtones?


yea you just have to search... i got metallica and shinedown ringtones. its somewhere on the phones browser on the tracfone site. though i do wish deducted units were a lower cost... i have a tight budget.


Of the 3 phones that TracFone offers with the calendaring option: Motorola W376G, LG 600 G OR Samsung T301G which one is best for calendaring? This is the main reason I want to upgrade. Also want the rest of the functions to work well too - but the main reason I want to get a new phone is the calendaring

Hey You

Thank you for your great and detailed review. I also appreciated the info about the availability of the phone for a lower price in the comments section.


Thanks for your comprehensive review. I have owned the LG600G, the Motorola W376G and now the Samsung T301G and this one is tops of the lot. Most important to me is clarity of audio - both incoming and outgoing. I am told my audio parallels the W376G and folks I call sound identical to what I am used to in person. LG600G - pitiful audio in and out. W376G excellent audio in and out but terrible keyboard. The T301G is a keeper and all around tops each of these other two phones. I had no trouble transferring minute from my old phone when I switched. I am canceling (and paying a $135 penalty) equivalent to 2 months cost at Verizon. I couldn't call my wife at her work until we went TracFone. Personally, I can't see being obligated for two years at a high monthly price for fewer features and coverage I now have with TracFone.


I am thinking of upgrading to the T30 and am wondering about the calendar feeatures. Does it have enough memory to hold ALOT of appointments and stuff? My previous phone got filled up way to fast.

Hey You

I am really bummed out. I can't get this phone to email pictures. It deducts my minute, and then says NETWORK UNAVAILABLE. I feel...defrauded...


i want to get the t301g but i want it at a cheap price? any where that has it cheaper than 40 bucks?


I bought the phone for my Mom and programed her numbers, easy to use. The only thing I did not like is the browser button I have pressed many times by accident. You can reprogram the settings on the directional button. I wish the new generation gives a way to customize the menu and browser buttons.


How were you able to transfer pictures to your computer via Bluetooth?

Jim McMahon (GySgt, USMC Ret)

I purchased a new Motorola, with Bluetooth, thinking it would SYNC with my Ford Focus; strictly hands off. It will sync, but did not download my PhoneBook to the Ford.
Has anyone tried the T301G with the Ford SYNC system? I hate to keep buying cell phones until I can find one that will download my PhoneBook.


I got a few of my #'s to download but only a very few. Still trying to figure it out.
The guy I bought my Ford from said when I got my phone to get w/him and he would set it up...haven't yet but plan to. It's the least he can do.

lady anne

can anybody tell me how to set time and dae for the t301g. im getting frustrated


I am thinking about getting this phone to take the place of my Motorola V170 (DO NOT GET THE V170). This one looks WAY better than my old one. Is there anyway you can change the Browser button to a Phonebook button??


i have a question for there a way to silence the shutter tone? i can't find it.

Rose Bud

I bought a Samsung T301G after being years with Tracfone with a Nokia and Motorola. Having excellent reception on both but no bells or whistles. I loved the new T301G so much I bought my husband one. But, lo the reception is terrible. I was at a friends house and lost reception, including 2 important calls that I was expecting. I haven't called Tracfone yet, but will after the holidays. Also, I have been a victim of the browser unit eating monster. Still haven't figured out how to download pictures, maybe that isn't that important.

I would love the phone if these issues could be resolved.
Picture download

Casey Krakowiecki

I have a T301G but haven't been able to figure out how to engage the speaker phone feature when speaking with someone. Can anyone help?

Kyle Hatzenbuehler

I just got a T301G but cannot find any information on:
a) how to buy a 'Subscription to Information Services' as stated is required in the Tracfone Terms & Conditions for WAP access: "TracFone Wireless offers two options for subscription-based Information Services (news, weather and sports): (1) a one-day (24 hour) subscription or (2) a 30-day subscription."
b) How much do these Subscriptions cost?


I'm considering this phone and admit I'm not very tech savvy. Will the bluetooth feature connect to my car audio or is it limited to headphone use?



I have a T301G but haven't been able to figure out how to engage the speaker phone feature when speaking with someone. Can anyone help?

Just press the ok button for speaker


Liz: Take picture, press Options and select Send via Multimedia Message, scroll to the photo you want to send, select Send To and type in email address. It worked fine!


I only get the spkr to come on when I press 1 for voicemail and the spkr volume is very low. Does anyone know how to increase the spkr volume - I know how to increase sound volume.


The accessory kit that comes free or is purchased from Tacfone for $9.99 (I got 2 sets with my order since I was confused on the Tracfone website!) gives you a bunch of connectors I guess for various phones. Doesn't look like any fit the T301G and I'm not going to try for fear of busting the slot used to charge the phone! Sounds like I need to look into "Bluetooth" - any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!


Oops! One of the headsets I received WORKS - the one with the flat connector. One of the adapters works with the auto phone charger. OKAY! GOOD DEAL! But the spkr volume needs to be louder anyway. :)


I just got the T301G Bonus Pack at RadioShack for $32.94. It came with 210 minutes and 425 days service. This is my very first wireless phone - I guess I am joining the 21st century at last. Anyway, having read your review I feel like I got a good phone for a good price. I expect to only use voice and text, so the other features, including the browser, will likely go unused (assuming I avoid pressing the button by accident). BTW I did read most of your site before deciding on TracFonr and I must say a big THANK YOU for your honest insights and clear writing style.

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