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July 16, 2009


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Wouldn`t it be advisable to make a copy of the last page for your records. It`s better than your memory at a later date.


DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! It doesn't have wireless. I read some reviews and decided to buy the phone. If I had realized it didn't have wireless I wouldn't have bought it. A $300+ phone should have wireless. I feel ripped off. It's not worth $300, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!


I had a problem adding air time on my Tracfone in January 2010.

I was purchasing on-line, and it would not go past the CONFIRMATION SCREEN. It gave me a message in a yellow colored band that said "UNDEFINED SERVICE."

It would not allow me to finish the transaction.

I called the number below. I got a nice technician who had to put me on hold for half of forever, BUT, he did talk to me quite a bit and said that the on-line service wanted the credit card my account was opened with.


The on-line system wants you to use the same credit card that you opened your account with, that is you have bought time on that card previously on-line. That credit card is tied to you on your on-line purchasing account.

So, I went through some paperwork, found my last purchase, and the card I used. I input that data, and the purchase took.

Executive Resolution office: 1-800-876-5753

Tracfone is not for people who don't deal with a lot of details well. You do have to input a lot of numbers to buy airtime/service - unless you have an on-line account set up (see above). Even if you do, sometimes you'll have to call into the company for help in your transaction and customer service will take 3/4 of forever to help you.

So, don't wait till the last minute to add air and service time to your Tracfone, ever. And... if you might forget, they have an on-line service you can pay for to help reactivate your phone. You can subscribe on their website. Tracfone Service Protection Plan.

No, I don't work for them. I'm just a detail person who didn't want to pay over $200 to set up a cell phone account, so I bought a tracfone years ago.

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I live in the Long Beach/Los Angeles section of LA County. I have a computer technician with a shop here that I trust. It has a website. The name is Zenix. 562-726-1281. It is by the 405 Freeway and Orange Avenue in Long Beach,CA. I AM NOT PAID TO ENDORSE THE SHOP. I am a local customer who was very pleased with the service and rates. Customers have to park across the street, though.

Nancy Albert

I always buy a 1-year card so I only have to renew it once a year. Several months ago I saw a statement from TracFone that for $50.00 you could pay them $50.00 and not have to renew on a yearly basis - just when you needed additional minutes. I have so many minutes piled up on my phone I'll never be able to use them all, but in 1 month I'm going to have to buy more to keep the phone activated. If I could find some information now about paying a one time fee to avoid having to buy minutes I don't need, I would appreciate someone telling me how to find it.


the website doesnt work i cant buy any mins for my cell help

Bill Hunt

I live overseas and visit the US several times a year. I bought a Tracphone to have service when In the US. I thought I was being smart when I bought a120 min card which I activated and a 400 min card which I decided to save for 90 days. What a nightmare! When I tried to activate the 400 min card it was invalid or something. This was a couple of years ago so I forget exact details, but I called customer service several times. I called the Walmart I bought it at. I had no receipt except a credit card statement without enough detail. Bottom line, I was out of luck as it needed to be activated at Walmart and I could have stolen the card. I liked the service but lost interest in trying to make it work for me. We were polite to each other and I told them they were making a bad business decision. What's happened to trust? If you use this service, read the fine print and be careful.

I get this errorbuying minutes online, eventhough there has bee no delays in my data entry...
We're sorry. This session is no longer available. Click here to return to the home page.


I'm having the "undefined service" error as well, but I didn't use a card at set up, i get that any time i try to log into the website.

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