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October 22, 2009


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This does not work, as they say you can only use 1 code per transaction. I called the support line and they confirmed that info.

Keith Tyndall

Joe - The Net10 rep you talked to was mistaken, because this most definitely does work. It worked when I wrote the original post on 10/22/09 at least. Have you actually tried it?

Keith Tyndall

Joe - I hope that doesn't sound accusatory, because I don't mean it that way. I'm just curious if you actually tried it for yourself to see if it works for you. Sometimes the TracFone/Net10 reps just read off a script and don't really know for sure whether something works or not.


Yeah, I tried 5 times with different credtit cards ( I thought the card was not going through). I then called the rep and they said only one at a time. If it worked in the past, I would encourage the next guy to try it for sure, but it did not work for me. I still got the phone and used the code for the accessory package and am happy with the deal. It is still worth it.

Keith Tyndall

Joe - thank you for your input. I'll be curious to see if anyone else has had the same problem.


I stacked all three coupons plus I got the free shipping. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!Order Details
LG 100C

Universal Accessory Kit
Unit Price



Subtotal (before discounts, freight, and tax): $29.99
Discount Total: - $8.00
Freight Total: + $4.95
Freight Discount Total: - $4.95
Tax: + $1.54
Grand Total: $23.53


What about Safe Link Codes? Got one the other day.


If you are only able to use one code per purchase then your definately doing something wrong.


This works, i got the t401g. u enter 1 code, submit it, then proceed to do the other 2, Im not sure if its supposed to work but it does, great deal, and thank you


It had been working for me, then the order would not go through anymore. I called and also got the one code per order routine, but she couldnt make the order go through either. I know I had ordered many of the phones with all 3 codes. I have been reading and hear snippets about tracfone/net10 having a 50 phone, life time maximum, which I have probably reached. Any body else heard this or experienced this? I have even tried a lot of different charge cards, but all with my name and even shipping to a different address to no avail. Even tried cards in the wife's name only, (same last name). Help, I need more phones.


Net10 also has a valentines day promotional bundle pack.


I just got a Net10 phone and I am very pleased with what I see. I love that I don't have a contract and it's also pretty sweet that I only pay 50 bucks and get unlimited talking, texting, and web. Go Net10!

Harry Thatcher

Net10 always has promotions on their phones and their monthly plans that are just out of this world. i suggest if you want to buy a net10, wait a couple of months for the bundle packs. They are great to start off.


Love these promotional codes! If you're still buying phone service by the minute then this is a great way to save a ton of money, especially if your budget is really tight. But yeah, it's great that they don't make you sign a contract AND that they'll hook you up with these promo codes pretty often...


t's great that they don't make you sign a contract AND.I have been reading and hear snippets about tracfone/net10 having a 50 phone, life time maximum, which I have probably reached.

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