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October 17, 2009


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Dani S

I first tried to activate my phone Tuesday night. I used my debit card, signed up for auto-refill and thought everything was fine. I got to the part where you have to enter *xxxxx to activate the phone and kept getting message phone could not be activated at this time. Tried calling CS and got recording saying that they are only available from 9am - 7pm EST (I'm in AZ).

The next morning I checked my account and the charge from ST posted to my account. I called CS and they were able to activate the phone for me (after trying several different approaches). I thought I was all set and hung up only to realize that my browser wasn't working. So, back on the phone with CS. Got another very helpful rep who had me clear the browser cache and tried several other things. Didn't work. He gave me a ticket number and advised that he would have to escalate the issue to a supervisor and that it should be working within the next 24 hours.

I tried after about 30 minutes and the browser works fine now.

Gmail is a bit strange after having the app on my former ATT phone, but hey, for $45 without a contract I'm not complaining. No problems with reception or dropped calls so far.

Has anyone heard anything else about the Samsung R810c yet? I still see it on the ST help site but nowhere else.


Where did you get your usb cable form...since one doesn't come with the phone.


I am having problems with text messaging, some of my messages are not going through. But in my outbox i have some symbols next to a few messages. one is a red checkmark and the other is a blue arrow pointing left. does anyone know what these symbols mean?


1. No one commented about Jeni's post, Missed Calls, Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls lists. Surely it has these.
2. Has anyone heard of a way to transfer, sync, manage the address book/contacts list via PC?
3. So, using a USB cable not included with the phone, one can transfer music/files in & out of the R451C?

I'm getting the feeling the R451C's best features are it's looks.


How EXACTLY would I transfer my mp3s on my computer to my phone, I have a USB but do I need to download a program? Could someone please give me step by step instruction?

Ben Josieleveki

Hi, great thread everybody, really helpful. I'm at the end of my AT&T contract, and am considering straighttalk. I currently use an HTC 8925, which is a high end smartphone, and realize that the samsung 451c is several steps down (no email client!), but might be able to use it if it has an calender/appointment function, which I need from work, preferably something that would sync with Outlook. Anyone know if the phone can do this, whether through Outlook or it's own program, and whether it can sync the information to a computer through usb or bluetooth?


I have had mine a month now. The yahoo mail works! I too had the bad gatewat's gone now! It works i get my emails! For $49 a month with tax unlimited I am VERY HAPPY! It's no smart phone but for what I pay It is awesome.


hey can anyone tell me how to get to facebook or myspace on this phone


Hello, I just picked up this phone tonight and I really love it. Only problem is that I'm unable to connect with the browser on it. I'm on the unlimited everything plan and I thought that you can check Facebook etc with it.

Is there something I need to sign up for to use this feature?


Jimmy Stinnette

ok so you get 1000 TEXT messages per month. is this just text, or can you send and receive pictures with the text too?


Yes, there is a Carriage Return.

It's not very convenient, but it DOES exist.

It's the #9 option on the 3rd SYMBOLS page, accessed by the left SoftKey.

It's the one that looks something like
this: <-'


For Don:
The best way I have found to navigate to pages such as facebook is either to set it as a bookmark wich is option 4 under browser menu or option 6 which is go to url

For those that want to transfer mp3 files. forget cables and get a micro Cd card for the phone and reader for the computer. Super easy.

Billy Yonce

I had trouble with a Boost Mobile phone that I couldn't get text messages from a AT&T phone because the Boost only did MMS or something...will this phone be the same way??

Thank you for your help, much obliged..


It seems that my 451C can only hold around 100 text messages at a time, before some need to be deleted.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is anyone aware of a work-around?

I have a 2gb SD installed, but it does not appear to use this card for SMS storage.


Hey how do you put music (mp3 files) in this phone?


Does anyone know if this supports microSD cards bigger than 2GB? The very small print in the StraightTalk service manual says 2gb max; the samsung page and instructions doesn't say anything about limits.

Also, where do I buy a USB cable? Or do I have to buy through samsung?

Thanks in advance!


Jimmy - Yes you can receive text (SMS) and MMS messages. The MMS messages use your available data (30MB for the $30 plan).

Billy - You can send and receive text and MMS messages from AT&T.

Anna - Here is one way to get mp3 files to your phone.
1. Install a microSD card in the phone, then turn the phone on.
2. Turn the phone back off, and remove the microSD card. This step creates the folder structure on your card.
3. Put the microSD card into a card reader on your PC, and copy the mp3 files to the microSD.
4. Put the microSD back into your phone, and turn the phone back on. The mp3 files should be available under the multimedia menu.

Hope this helps.


Thank You!


I've had my phone activated for about 48 hours. Gotta say it's been everything as advertised so far. I ported my number from Verizon via the customer service center, which took about 2 days.

I've had no problems at all with the phone so far. Good call quality, qwerty kybord is easy to use, and the browser works as advertised.

I'm still trying to figure out how to post messages on a vbulliten board that I frequent, but it does not have a mobile version of the website, so it's kind of difficult to navigate. Email has been easy to use, and all the big sites with a mobile version work great.


where can i download free ringtones on this phone?


An E-mail app would be really nice, and the ability to use Opera Mini would be the icing on the cake. The reception seems to be better than the ATT phone I have been using, and at half the price I am pretty happy.


Anyone know if there is a setting to auto lock the keypad when the slider is closed?


how do i change the greeting banner on this phone?
it just says "Home" and its kind of annoying.



i am trying to activate this phone. i have followed all steps but it continues to say call back in five.


could you guide me through copying an mp3 file from my memory card onto the phone and setting it as a ringtone?
thanks again.


Just bought my daughter a R451 everything seems to work except the web browser. Customer service said wait 72 hours for it to activate. Today they gave me a case number and said call back in 24 hours. Can anyone help us get this phone working??? Please!


can anybody tell me if you can make the ringer any louder.tks


Where you able to look at other things in goggle like the calender or documents? If so this woul dbe perfect for me. Thanks


i want to be able to lock my phone so i go to menu, settings, phone settings, security, but it asks me for a code but i don't have one!


I can confirm that the youtube videos will not play as of yet. Malformed URL message is the same on my phone. Gmail is accessible though the browser is lacking. Facebook seems to work ok as well. Screen isn't giant, but hey, this isn't a full feature smart phone. It's a tracphone. And a pretty slick one at that so far. Bought mine and switched from Virgin Mobile after reading this post. About, 20 minutes after actually. :)


Can I use this phone and service while vacationing in Puerto Rico ?


Maria -- no you can not use this phone in PR -- it clearly states that if you have done any research on ST.

Here's my take so far--

I bought the samsung r451c
Activation and porting my AT&T number over took about four hours. The first couple of times trying to access the browser it gave me an access failed code, but it has worked everytime since then.

Ive got the unlimited package right now.

Ive created mp3 ringtones with a program I already had and transfered them via a bluetooth dongle from my pc to the phone.
They showed up in the ringtone category and Ive been able to set them per listed caller in the directory.

As of this time I have not loaded any music for the mp3 player function on the phone due to so many floating stories about what limit of the card the phone can hold.
I know that it says a micro SD card , but I have seen reviews of people talking about using 4 and 8 gb cards -- those would have to be micro hcsd cards from everything Ive seen. I wish someone would clear that up.

The speaker phone and any ringers are subject to a very low audible tone even when the phone is set to high.

I can access the aol mobile web page , but after trying to sign in it gives me an error code. Also like stated before you cant watch youtube videos.

Ive sent tons of picture texts and talked for about 600 minutes.

I can though check sports scores, news, and weather so that keeps me happy.
The phone is worth the money and the ability to access what you are limited to rather then spend so much on a plan from the major carriers. So far Ive had maybe two dropped calls and that was in my first day so I dont know if I pushed the wrong button or not to be honest.


Well so far I like the phones (1 each for me and my wife). The text messaging part is nice and call clarity is really good. I drove out to my parents house last night to get my son and we spoke the whole way out and back... which is not normal... we always have the service drop in two different locations on the way and back. That is nice.

A couple of complaints... the ringer volume is really low compared to other phones. This could be louder.

One major I have some how put the phone in "silence mode" so I have no audible ringer for calls or text messages... I can figure out how to turn it on again. The manual does not say how.

PLEASE someone help me!


sorry I meant to say turn it OFF not on again... All I have is the vibrate now no ringer. If I do not have my blue tooth head set on I never know it's ringing.

So how do I turn the on the volume again or turn off silence mode.



I have entered a security code and somehow when I go to unlock it will not accept! Anyone know of a factory default code to unlock? HELP!


OK just found this out!

Samsungs have a silent mode shortcut on the # button. It has a little icon of a speaker with a line through it.

If you press and hold this shortcut button it should turn off the silent mode.

So I have a ringer now! Woo hoo!


I've not got straight talk yet, and I was curious about something listed on their website. It says something about you can't send messages to a premium text service that is six digits.

My question is I don't want to text to a premium service. But Twitter, Facebook status update, and myspace status updates are all sent to a six digit code. Can you do this on straight talk? Anyone tried it? I really want to get this phone when I get my taxes back but I'm afraid to because I use twitter from my phone all the time.


Patty, it wouldn't happen to be 0000 would it? I don't know if you have tried that or not. When I use to work for ATT/Cingular that's what the default setting was.

Shayne H

I've heard from a Wal-Mart rep that texting is a bit of a problem with this phone/Straight Talk service. Have you had any issues with recieving texts a day or two after you were supposed to have recieved it? And, have you had to deal with tech support? The same Wally World rep told me that customer support was from call centers in Russia and India? Can you verify any of this?

Shayne H

Apparently, my post did not go through. One more time...
Have you had any issues with receiving texts? For example, recieving one a day after it was sent? Or it just taking longer than usual to recieve one? And if I call customer service, I hear I will be speaking with a call center in Russia or India. Can you verify any of this?

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