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November 10, 2009


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Can you use NET10 - Samsung R451 for StraighTalk as well ? It look identical... It sells at Best Buy online for $80 vs $100 for R451C at StraightTalk or Walmart. The only difference is the name. ST calls it Samsung R451C not sure what the C is for ???
I researched everywhere online and couldnt find the answer to this.

Tyrone Thomas

what do you need to do to get the mp3 to work on the samsung r451c,i can't get it to do at all.trying to get some help with this email me with the instrution at thanks.

Ty 234

You must get a micro SD card to store songs. Its located on the back under the cover.


downloaded music to sd card but can not get files to music. downloaded then to music and sounds but can not play. how do i do this?


I appreciate the price for the service but buyer beware as far as the advertisement on the phone which states 3 way calling thats a negative and call waiting only hangs up the person your talking to to answer the person calling you. mp3 player advertised negative no mp3 player my problem with this is the phone does not indicate these features as optional yet there is that infamous clause left on the back so you have no recourse because they smart talk is not responsible. the phone does not carry enough memory to access most things on the net other than that I am satisfied with the coverage for the price so all in all with my disappointments I really can't complain as I have not had a dropped call or any problems with my text messages except 1 service I can't receive pic mail from. but $45.00 still gives more for your money than any 2YEAR PLAN or any contract plan.


Have any other users of R451C on StraightTalk had problems with their mouthpiece volume? I just got the phone and everyone I've talked to so far has commented that my voice seems very muted, hard to hear unless I speak unusually loudly. Anyone? Any ideas?


I Have The R451C On Straight Talk And This Phone Is Not Worth A D*mn The First One I Got The Internet Would Not Work Is Would Say "502 Bad Gate Way" They Told Me There Was Something Wrong With The Phone...The Second One I Got The Phone Turned Off And On By Its Self And They Told Me To Go Back To Walmart And Get A New One...The Third One The Screen Turned White And They Said The Color Gone Out In The Screen So I Took It Back Now Lets See If The Fourth One Is Going To Work!!!! I Have Not Had Good Luck With This Phone At All I Would Not Recommend It To No One At All!!!!!


for you to listen to your music on the SCH R451C you must make sure they are in .mp3 format. and you do have to have a mini sd card in your phone and the pc connection setting set to USB mass storage in your phone settings (settings/phone settings/pc connection/usb mass storage. get yourself a .wav to .mp3 converter.


Samsung R451C
i know that in the contract it says that you can not tether your phone to use as modem. but i have managed to get as far as to get it to actually allow me to set it up as a DUN (dial up connection)but once it gets on the internet it goes to a web page that tells me my phone is not currently allowed for this service.

has any one managed to get past this? and if so would you email me with some info.

you have to enable DUN in the hidden menus. if i could get a Bitpim to actually read my phone i could figure out the rest.


MBurgin-Straigth Talk uses the Verizon Network. I have a Verizon phone and I had trouble using three way calling and call waiting when I first got my service. Prior to that I had AT&T and these service work different then on Verizon. I am assuming you are having the same rouble I had. Here goes. When you are talking to someone and want to add another person.While still on with the first person dial the second number and press the call botton. That will deal the first person. Once it starts to ring or after the second person has answered the call press the dial botton again. This will connect both calls. I think you can switch between the calls by pressing the dial botton again.

I have not used call waiting but I think you press the dial botton during a call to receive the second call. That will place the first call on hold and then again switch by pressing the dial botton.


This seems to be a simple phone. If you're looking for something to cruise the internet or download stuff this isn't your phone. I can't wait to get this phone and try it out. All I do is call and text. This should cut my bill in half. To the people that only call and text....any problems and can I use my old Verizon number that I currently have?


ive had this phone for about a year now. it freezes up and shuts off on its own. but other than that it is a pretty good phone im a thirteen yr old girl and i love to text so if your like me this is a great phone for you. i just cant figure out the mp3 bluetooth thing...


I just got the phone and no probs so far, dunno why anyone would pay for verizon or us cell when they can get this phone or 2 and for 90buck a month u and urr gf or spouse can talk, text, and surf all u want. I live in a very small town, and so far no probs goin to msn, google, yahoo, or where ever u want, only thing is cant watch youtube movies, but its not a smart phone, and yes you can transfer any # you want to the phone. I went from 1400 mins and 250 texts 4 2 phones, and no internet to all the above, unlimited and went from a $140 phone bill to a 90 dollar bill


i have windows media player and im tryin to put music on the micro sd to play on my phone. i see now on here thAT it has to be in mp3 format to do it. how do i change the format to get it to play on my phone?????


In response to the person who needs help with Windows Media Player, when you rip the music, you have to go into the Rip arrow down tab, scroll over format, and select the mp3. That should solve your problem. I'm not sure about converting currently ripped files into mp3.


my samsung r451c's screws on the inside that hold the slide together have all come loose and i have to tape it together so it wont break! i dont like the phone at all. the internet only sometimes works...


Getting invalid e-mail format when you try to enter an email? It's a bug, close the slide and you will see a bunch of gibberish characters added to what you typed in the email field. Clean out the gibberish with the slide closed and save it!


Thanks for the fix @grenade01!

kathy ryan

i have a freind in canada i use to be able to text on my old trac phone and now on this phone it says sim rec? why? and i cant text them with this phone??


no matter what i do cant get facebook because of wrong password i do what it said to do when u forget password but nothing happens. Does anybody know how to fix it?


Can I use this phone to easily access my G-mail account?


Below the regular login, theres also an alternative one. (use that)


Is there a hack or code to enable three way calling, it should work but straight talk claims only the razor and the Motoroal w385.


Lost my instruction book to my Samsung R451C cell phpne and my phone is in Silent Mode and I can't remember how to deactivate the Silent Mode feature. Missing calls cause phone is not ringing Please Help!


Thanks Bunches for the Email fix with the bug Briana


ALSO for anyone with this phone who hates the low ringing go to download Loud ringtones for free.
I got ringtones and tones to use for alarms, theres funny ones on the also..Helped me ALOT

I love these straight talk phones, Txt is wondrful/price also.They are TOUGHER than some are giving them credit for yea they cut off ever once in a while but you let it reset or pull the batt out if it freezes up,it will be back on.
I Swear Mine has been dropped into water,take everything out battery and sd sit it in the hot car not direct sunlight for like two days it was perfect then I dropped Mine out my leather jacket one day cruising down the beach during sunset on my motorcycle it slide for over 50 feet on its FACE didnt even cut the HE77 off.face is sorta recessed so it didnt get horrable scratches i couldnt wait to show my friend.I dropped my last smart phone a lg dare 5 feet and iit bit the dust.Slide has now started to mess up over two years of abuse i slid it open leaned it just a little and applyed double side tape to it the good stuff not scotch tape the white stuff thats like foam and will pull paint off the wall when it comes off.(i have done both sides)also phone takes good pics once transfered to computer (acer aspire one free wifi that has paid for itself dont even get me started on how good it is) use the high res mode on the phone for taking pics...Listen this phone is a Great deal I tell everyone.
Will google txt images no video
espn see football and sports scores

Debra Merritt

i have the samsung r451c straight talk cell phone. the spacebar does not work when texting. when pressed, it beeps, but will not leave a space between the characters.i would appreciate any help. Thanks

Valeria Ruff

is there any one who can help me to work my Mp3 music player and download music

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