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December 13, 2009


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Joe Jett

It doesn't have wireless. I read some reviews and none mentioned that. I guess I just assumed that the most expensive phone would have wireless. I feel ripped off.


just got straight talk for christmas (went with the samsung sliding phone though); absolutely love it...super cheap and great coverage.


After having our St Talk fon 4 2 wks and paying for $45 for the "Unlimited" Plan, St Talk "accidentally" shut our cell off. We called, they reactivated but forgot to activate the internet. They wont let us speak to a tech support person. They keep telling us that the problem is being"escalated" to the next level..whatever that means. They also said that when we called the last time, their tech people documented that the problem was resolved but it is not. We called again, they claim now that they never "deactivated" our phone. Their customer serv call center is in the Phillipines so you cant understand the CS Rep. My husband is ready to throw this phone out the window!!!


Loves my S T phone....GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Cant find da touchscreen??????


I've had ST for about 5 months now. I discovered that it uses Verison towers and went with it after trying AT&T and Virgin Mobile. I don't get great reception where I live, so they were both a waste of time. I now have the slider phone w/ ST & I get 100% reception everywhere I go!!! I love this service! It's simply $30 every month and I don't care if the minutes roll over, I never use 1000 mins anyways. Great deal for those who don't need anything fancy or just have bad credit.


Just don't try to transfer phone numbers. I've heard horror stories about that with ST. I started fresh & its working out great.


My wife and I are very pleased with Straight Talk. We chose the R451C for both of us and have no complaints. They ported our old numbers to the service in less than 2 hours. GREAT deal for the money.

Pat Yoe

I have Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Bought it at Walmart and it's an amazing deal. The Samsung Finesse is a very cool smartphone and paying only $45 a month for unlimited everything is the best deal going!

Who needs an iPhone? LOL!!


I am really happy with my Straight Talk plan. I have the Unlimited plan as well and am really pleased with it thus far. For $45 I am getting unlimited EVERYTHING (texts and minutes) and don't have to deal with contracts. I have had the plan for about 4 months and have no complaints. I really think that these new prepaids that are coming out will eventually take over the market and cell phone contracts will become a thing of the past.


I've had my ST for about a year now and STILL don't have the internet! When I called about it many months ago, I was told they were aware of it and working on it. Also they said it had something to do with the fact that I ported my number. I'm thinking of getting a new ST phone and a new number. Maybe then I'll have internet access.


This is a great phone and my internet works great... The Finesse has an amazing touch screen, which i prefer to my old iPhone's and the coverage on the ST verizon network is way better than the coverage i used to get on At&t. What a deal


Straight talk really great phone and im about to get the touch screen phone from straight talk for my daughter its really cheap i love it so much . its cheap and unlimted plan is very good i think straight talk needs to be real phone company with there plans people all over the world will love there phones . i hope all a agree with me


I think that the finesse is worth the price, Straight Talk's unlimited everything is so cheap at $45 per month and when you compare it to what other people are paying for their iPhones per month then the Finesse is less than half the price over two years. Straight Talk is also on Verizon's network nationwide which is so much better than AT&T and the 3G coverage is far better for internet surfing.


I just go the touchscreen phone. It is kind of okay. For some reason i having problems with the forward text messaging. It keep saying that it can't support multiple attachment. Every forward message that i recieved i can't forward it. I would like to know if who ever have one is experience the same thing or it just my phone.


I have enjoyed my S.T. service. U can't beat this price for unlimited service if you can do without the smartphones. I ported my number from Verizon Wireless and it took about 24hrs. I was without service for one day. CONS: I bought the $99.00 sliding Samsung phone from Walmart. The internet service would not work and S.T. customer service REQUIRED me to send the phone to them before they would replace it. I thought this was ridiculous. I was without phone service for 3 days.If there had been another company offering the same service around the same price, I would have switched.


Honestly, for the price, you can't go wrong. The phone is pretty much $100 and the plan is only $45 a month for unlimited EVERYTHING! I have yet to find any other offer that compares to the Straight Talk plan. I have had it for about 2 months and a few of my friends have switched over when their contracts expired to give Straight Talk a try. Best part is, if my gf wants to get on a plan together, I can just switch over because there are no contracts for Straight Talk, so the ball is in my court. Cool Stuff.


I got the cheapo $40 lg from walmart and ported my number and it was done in less than an hour. Still cannot download ringtones or anything. Customer service is a joke. cannot get anything resolved. last time I called, I was on the phone for 1 hour and 25 minutes, with zero success fixing my phone to be able to download ringers. I finally told them I had to go. today, I broke my phone, and deciding on whether to get an upgraded S T phone, or go back to net 10.


Hi thanks for ur review! it made me buy this phone! i just have a few questions!
1)when i make a call from my phone there is an automated voice that tells me how much battery life i have, its soo annoying! and i cant figure out how to take the voice off and just let me call normaly! 2) what specific usb cord and memory card do i have to buy for this phone? 3) how do i put games on the phone? since it didnt seem to come with any preloaded ones :(
thnx so much!!



Hello, I have ST I have the phone that looks like a black berry model, it works pretty good, the internet is kind of slow, and it doesn't let me access my aol email, but only other emails, but I like it, I think the keys are to small though, Im use to the slider phone texting with two fingers, so I think I'm going to get the slider for $100, I'm not sure if it's worth it to get the touch phone for ove $300 because not sure how well you can text on there, does anyone know? or if you can access yahoo messenger or stuff like that? Rich


I got the Samsung R810C Touchscreen phone. You can text very fast with the touchscreen phone. I love everything about the phone so much that my mother can use it it's very user friendly & is well worth the $328.00 @ wal-mart. I even bought my mother the touchscreen phone & she just loves it. Now she just loves the touchscreen phone very much worth the money I paid for them.


I bought the touchscreen phone recently I dont have any complaints well worth the money!! downloading music, texting and coverag its all great,and 45 is not bad at all for unlimited I told alot of my friends and family about this deal and they are all switching from contract to pre paid....


on the touch phone.., can you access the internet like a laptop does or are there emails you cant check and so on??


I have the samsung straight talk phone were it slides to a keyboard and its soooo GREAT and iam a teen and LOVE txting so i have unlimited, but i was wondering about the Finesse cause im intrested in upgradeing but i really lik my keybord and some of my frends have all touch phones and say its harder to txt with so i was wondering about the Finesse desighn is it hard to txt with cuz of the no keybord thing cause im looking for nice and easy txting on a keybord and its hard to type on i-pod touches but u get used to it so im hopeing its the same situation, THANX :)


oh and with the Finesse this just occured to me about the internet....on my slide i can acess it without WI-FI but its not as good of internet so with the Finesse do you need to have WI-FI to acess the internet cause i noe u do for the i-pod touch???


Do any of the ST phones let you teather from them to your laptop so as to use the phone as your wifi connection?

Keith Tyndall

Earl, tethering is again Straight Talk's terms of service. Even if you could figure out a way, they would cancel your account if they found out.


Can someone tell me how to bookmark or favorite place a website on the Straight Talk Samsung r451c? I don't see a toolbar and have not found any instructions on how to do this.


On main screen, touch "menu" at bottom of screen...then touch "web" icon...then your main web browsing screen opens...type the site you wish to "fav" in the browser window and got to site. When site is loaded, go to the toolbar on the right side of screen. Touch the star with a plus(+) sign. This adds the site to your favorites, which can be accessed by touching the plain star icon on the right side of screen.


Thank you, George. Now I am having trouble transfering files from my computer to both the r451c and the Finesse, r810c. At first I thought I had the wrong type of memory card in the r451c, but I am having the same trouble with my Finesse. A store worker put his memory card in my Finesse and it appeared to work, so, at least in the case of the Finesse, I must just be doing something wrong. When I connect to my computer with a data cable, and I open the "mobile phone" device from "my computer", I do not see any of the folders that I am told will automatically appear once I insert the memory card. When I sync with Windows Media Player to transfer music, Windows Media Player indicates it transfered, but nothing is on my phone and the card memory data counter shows the card as empty. What am I doing wrong?

Kim ash

can you set different ring tones for text message on the samsung r 810c touch screen phone

Carol Gonzalez

I just received my SamsungR180 touch scren phone. Haven't had it turned on yet. But thanks for the reviews on it.
I am looking forward to it. I have the slider phone already. It worked/works great. Just wanted to upgrade.


I LOVE my straight talk phone!! =-) I would recommend it to anyone and the plan is AWESOME!



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