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July 24, 2010


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does this phone work in Mexico?

Keith Tyndall

Unfortunately, it wont work in Mexico, unless youre close enough to
the border to pick up the towers on the US side.


Can you download apps for this phone? I'm assuming not since it's not using a "real" web browser.

Keith Tyndall

Youre assumption is correct in that you cant download apps for the R355C.


Very interesting post. It helped me with my decision on whether or not to purchase the Samsung R355C.


Recently moved to North Country. My R355C is worthless in Ketchikan, Alaska. Disappointing


Does the samsung R355C Have a Speaker Option for this Phone?


I'm 15, and have had this phone for a year. I really don't ike it. I have to put it on charge over night because if I leave it on overnight, it will go dead the next day. When I try to open my pictures, it takes forever, and putting them over onto the memory card takes even longer. And you have to do them one by one. And I'm one of those people who get bored by the settings on the phone, so I like changing the themes and stuff. This phone doesnt have any themes and not even a banner you can put on the home screen.

trevor weathers

can i get opera mini on this phone


I just got this phone in like November and I like it. I'm only 12 so I'm one of those teenagers who don't really want games. Just unlimated. I've been on the unlimmated $45 a month plan but now I'm trying the $30 plan. 1000 texts a month when I send over 100 texts a day. My friends say that my buttons are to small but they work perfectly for speed texting. I'm outdoors a lot so I drop my phone a lot. The 'speaker phone' don't work. That's fine by me. This phone helps me text normal sentances instead of 'because' people would write 'cuz'. In conclusion, I enjoy using this phone. I don't dislike anything about this phone.
Trevor; there is no streaming on this phone.
I would be happy to answer any other questions.

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