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August 31, 2010


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This phone is so great. I got it when I first got my Straight Talk service and it's been smooth sailing since. I have the unlimited plan, which means I pay 45 bucks for unlimited talking, texting, and web.


Like Justin, this is the phone I got when I went to Straight Talk after two loooong years with Verizon. I would absolutely recommend this phone to anyone that wants a great slider phone or any phone in general. My only gripe is that if I don't erase the texts (inbox), then when it is selected, there is a little pause before the phone goes into the inbox. I got used to it though. :P I've had this phone for a year and 3 months now and still love it. :D I've (accidentally) dropped it many times and sat on it a few lol, and it still works like the day i got it. Although I'm getting another S.T. phone for Christmas, I'm kinda sad to let this one go. :(


Hello, I need to know if one is able to make 3-ways calls on SamsungT552G straight talk phone?

If this feature is not available on this phone, does anyone know which straight talk phone, if any has the 3-way calling feature?

Thanks in advance for any answers and suggestions.

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