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September 27, 2010


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how di i down load music for my text messages for my samsung t 401g

Keith Tyndall

Judy - A good place to ask your question would be on the Straight Talk Support Facebook page.

They have support reps there that can help with technical questions like this.

melissa alston

my oppion this t401g is not all that. half the time i have no service and the browser sucks. straight talk messed up when they put this phone on the shelf. my lg290c atleast got full pic. messages this junk wont get a ful pics. message at all good luck to whomever buys one... i wish i didnt!!!!


Can you take the home banner off on this phone?


400 Tracfone minutes and 1 year of service - $55 -


For the work that I do this phone is the ideal office for me. I am able to do all my business on the phone and being a straighttalk phone it only costs me $45 a month to stay connected. The $45 unlimited plan is wellworth the money. I can talk, text and data whenever and wherever I want to. This is considerably reasonable compared to what some of the contract phones offer


No one understands how it is I save so much money, but it's truly simple. I have a Straight Talk phone, and unlike many others who pay 100 dollars a month on their cellphone bills, I pay only 45 dollars for unlimited talking, texting, and web.


Using Straighttalk really does separate the smart ones from the dummies. Where can you get an offer that can beat the straighttalk unlimited plan. What I really like about this plan it is everything it says it is. There are no extra little surprises (in the form of charges) for long distance calls etc. What straighttalk says they will give you they really do give and that is UNLIMITED

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