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September 03, 2010


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I just used the 41060 code and got double minutes plus 100 bonus minutes. Tracphone is always offering cool promotions and that is one of the reasons i like their phones. I have the LG200C flip phone and it really meets my needs plus when i search the internet i can usually come up with good promotions to add to my account which is really cool.


I get so excited everytime I find info on Tracfone. They make it so easy for the customer
to have a cell phone and service and price it so even those on a fixed budget can enjoy. I also made the decision to get my niece a prepaid plan for the new school year. Her parents can keep in touch with her, she's not so happy about that, but also teaching her to budget her minutes for both calls and texting. Once she know she has used up her airtime, she has to pay the extra to get additional. Interestingly, she hasn't had to do that as yet.


Great review on how to get hold of extra savings with Tracfone, I'm always impressed with what great value they offer anyway but I'm going off right now to try some of these codes and save even more :)


I get so excited by the deals that tracfone offer. I no longer am on contract and only pay as I go. This has saved me a lot of money and I have learnt to budget responsibily now with my cell phone.


Tracfone is so affordable. Just bought one for my niece, for $10 we get the phone, carrier, headset and car charger. Still can't believe that's all I paid for all that!

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