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November 05, 2010


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hey i was wondering if you could make a video on the facebook app itself, not just the the mobile web that comes with the phone please, and maybe if you could just have a video showing all the buttons and like the start up menu and all and a quick walk through of the app store if thats not too much im thinking about getting this one and my other straight talk phones said "smart phone" but i was kind of dissappointed honestly so i just kind of want to see what its all like because you have the best video reviews so far thanks just e-mail me please

Keith Tyndall

Daniel - I just updated the post to include my experience with trying to download the Facebook app. Basically, it doesn't look like the Facebook app for the Nokia E71 works anymore, though the mobile app that I showed in the video still works fine.

Account Deleted

i heard nokia E71 is restarted 4-5 times in a week, is it true.
Nokia E71 Review

Keith Tyndall

I have not had any problems with the E71 restarting on its own.  I also havent seen it lock up or anything like that where it would require a manual restart.  If I ever hear of this being a widespread problem, Ill be sure to report it here. 


hi i want to buy this phone it doesn't say at straight talk if i can skype i think it has a front and back cam but i'm not sure

Patricia Quirk

I would like to know if you are able to upload videos to youtube using your phone. Also I second the skype question.

Sally Elam

I was wondering which towers does the E71 use. I need the phones that uses the verizon towers.

Keith Tyndall

Sally - From what I can tell, they E71 uses the ATT towers.  To get a phone for Verizon towers, you might want to look into some of the free reconditioned phones that are on the Straight Talk website now.


Since you posted that the Ovi Suite is compatible, my question might be moot, but I want to be sure before I plunge in:
1 - My main concern is Outlook contacts/calendar/tasks and notes integration. Do you know if this phone supports that via Nokia PC Suite? (or has the Ovi Suite become usaable?)
2 - I am very motivated to move away from AT&T. I have heard that StraightTalk (and hopefully this applies to the E71) will give preference to voice calls to the Verizon towers and the 3G to the AT&T towers? What are your thoughts on this?


I couldn't understand how cellphone companies could charge over 100 dollars a month for cellphone service, and then I found Straight Talk. I was so relieved to save so much money with the 45 dollar plan, which gives you unlimited talking, texting, and web!


Been using the E71 for two months now and I love it, it's definitely their best phone. Which isn't saying much lol but it's great that the 45 dollar price now means you can use a phone that's a little more advanced than one from 2004. But hey, E71, 45 bucks, been great so far.


first let me say st e71 which i own is an awesome phone. Now, u do not need a 3rd party app for text 2 speech, as the phone does it already. Press and hold the green call key and the phone will read the msg. Next, use opera mobile web browser and opera mini. They are way better than the standard browser and work rather well with a nicer user interface. They are free from ovi or from opera's web site. Google it. I use facebook through those.


folks also remember, downloading apps u dont need eat battery power, memory, and ram. That goes for ANY smartphone no matter it's maker. Always learn ur phones features b4 installing apps u may not need or want. E71 has many advanced feature for an advanced user, while at the same time is very forgiving to the novice user. In any case knowledge is power always rings true. Posted using e71 with opera mini 6.13 web browser.iving to the novice user. In any case knowledge is power always rings true. Posted using e71 with opera mini 6.13 web browser.


I am going to buy a straight talk phone but they do not think that we here in Maine deserve expensive ones!!!! We are only allowed the under 100.00 phones and I was told that the Nokia E71 would not work here funny buy a phone in MA and not be able to use in ME when you visit? Only phones that use Verizon can be used in Maine I believe the ones ending in letter "C" R451C or R355C yup those are my two top choices! I think it is awful that I can't get the E71 or a phone that is even close. Thank You Straight Talk and I supported you to the point of telling everyone I know to switch!

jessie wallace

I want a staight talk i got 4 kidz under 3 and i got to havd a phone


I have a question.
Can you put an automatic lock on your phone, which will require a passcode for entry?
I just bought the phone and recieved it today, but apparently the sim card was invalid, so they're sending a new one, which i'm not happy about. But i'd like to know the answer to that question before hand.


i want to be able to upload my phots to facebook using this phone How do I do it?

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