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December 02, 2010


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Sweet, the 50 free minutes on a 120 minute card is such a good deal. You are basically getting another 1/3 of your minutes for free. Thanks for the code. Love TF.

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Tracfone was and is a blessing to our family. Four phones for $30!You also have the option of buying a double minutes card and that helps with the usage greatly,specially for kids. Roll over minutes too. But the best thing about TF is the coverage!The fact that they are the fastest growing company in the U.S. just fortifies my choice!


These little cards save me like 200-300 dollars per year and I can seem to find them whenever I need them. Not like tracfone's service wasn't already dirt cheap for the quality of signal that you get.

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Thanks for these. The promo codes are wonderful and make something that is very good, even better. Terrific vslue and savings from Tracfone. Thank again!

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Tracfone really does have some amazing deals out there! Double minutes for life is amazing - that's literally half price..

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Then when you have clicked on the "Buy Airtime Online" decide what size phone card you want. Scroll down and put in your Tracfone Promo Code, your phone number, and click on "Continue".


What is the use of that tracfone promo codes? I can't see it very useful. But thanks for posting it.

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