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September 08, 2011


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How is the phone working for you so far now?
I just ordered it and was hoping for some kinda feedback from people. and so far your the only person i can find with some kinda feedback on this phone.

Keith Tyndall

Cassey - So far the phone is working as advertised. All of the Android features seem to work, and I haven't found anything that's been locked down. It's not blazingly fast, but not so slow that it's cumbersome. Is there anything in particular you want me to test?


can you please test google voice and call internationally- someplace like canada or something. If you have no place, call like a walmart in canada (google). Also are you using phone data and not wifi to download the apps. Thanks for your help.


I am interested in purchasing one, the store representative at WalMart Chipley, Fl said this phone runs off Verizon network.

Keith Tyndall

zz - I just downloaded an app using the 3G instead of the WiFi, and it worked just fine.
Unfortunately, I don't currently have a Google Voice account setup, so I can't test an international call just yet.

Keith Tyndall

Donna - While some other Straight Talk phones use the Verizon network, this one definitely uses Sprint.
Also, as far as I know, you can currently only order it from the Straight Talk website. Here's a link that will send you to their order page.

Did you see this phone in a Wal Mart store?


How does the phone compare with Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus V, if you have had any experience with it? I'm in the market for my first android phone, and those are the two I've narrowed it down to. Also, can you use the hotspot on the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent?
Thanks a lot.


Have you tested the roaming areas yet? I will mostly be in roaming areas and if this phone doesn't work i will have to return it when it gets here :(


I agree with Gracie.
Where I live is mainly only roaming area.
So could you please check it out in areas that are roaming to see if you get good signal on calls, internet and 3g coverage as well. Please and thank you :)


what tower dose it run off of??

Keith Tyndall

Matt - I don't have first hand experience with the LG Optimus V, but looking at the specs it seems almost identical to the Galaxy Precedent. My thought would be to pick the company/plan that you think works best for you.
Straight Talk has $45/month for unlimited talk, text, and web. For $45/month VM gives you unlimited web and text, but only 1200 minutes. It costs $55 to have unlimited everything on VM. Of course, they also have a $35 plan that has unlimited web and text, but only 300 talk minutes.
So whether Straight Talk or Virgin Mobile would be a better deal just depends on how you think you would use the phone. As for the phones themselves, I think you're going to find the experience very similar.
The Precedent does not have the hotspot feature that I could find. According to the Q&As on the VM website, the Optimus does not offer hotspot functionality either.

Keith Tyndall

Gracie and Mark - I tested the roaming capability today, and unfortunately, it did not go into roaming when I left the Sprint coverage area.

The call quality when you do have service is good. My wife commented that she thought it sounded better than the iPhone.

(I have updated this review with these new findings)

Cassey - It runs off Sprint towers.


Does this phone permit 3 - way calling?

bob newhart this review explains some great stuff about this phone if you are interested!


what is your overall opinion on the phone? is it worth buying?

also is the text messages set up in a conversation?

Keith Tyndall

wrziegler and Megan - I've updated the review to answer your questions, but here's a quick answer: It permits 3 way calling, I do think it is worth buying if you're OK with the Sprint coverage area, and the text messages are organized into threads.


I have seen conflicting remarks on this phones true carrier coverage. Some say it is Sprint and others say Nextel/Boost, I am trying to determine the actual carrier because I am currently using Nextel/Boost and am sick of having NO signal and dropped calls in my house! Wheras guests I have had over with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T all have decent signal. This factor is my only hangup from getting this phone & service. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Seen this phone in the Renton, WA Walmart.

Keith Tyndall

Joel - It's confusing because Sprint and Nextel merged several years ago, but the Precedent phone has the Nextel coverage area, which is the same as Boost and Virgin Mobile.

James - Thanks for the update! I was wondering when they would start showing up in Wal Mart stores.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE! I was told it was on the Verizon network and when I received it Friday I called to activate it and couldn't get a signal. That's when I finally found out it's on Sprint only, which means you won't be able to use it in most of the country. Not only that, you have to pay the $45 for the month even though you can't use it, AND you have to pay to send it back. Total rip-off.


I am curious about the touch screen. I have owned several touch screens that do not also have key pads and that was a problem. In my experience, once the touch screen starts acting up (freezing, locking up)you are very limited as to what you can do with the phone. Have you noticed any type of freezing up with the keypad?

Keith Tyndall

Brandy - I've not had any problems with the touch screen keypad freezing or locking up.


Can you still make calls out of service area? Statement above you said the voice was better than Iphone when you have no service.


Sorry I miss read, ignore previous post


I'd love to hear your thoughts on using the onscreen keyboard for texting. I read in a review of a similar phone (the Ssamsung Galaxy s2, I think?) that the swipe texting was a bit wonky.

I've never had any kind of touchscreen or smartphone (my current phone is an LG 290C, through Straight Talk), so I'm definitely interested in this one, but I don't want to spend $150 on a phone if I don't like the onscreen keyboard.

Keith Tyndall

Aren - I know that some people loved the "swype" functionality where you trace your words over the keyboard without lifting your finger between letters. I tried it, though, and didn't really like it.

Instead, I type out the letters just like normal. I find that the typing is easiest for me if I turn the phone sideways (landscape) and use my thumbs.

Of course, the easiest way for short sentences is to use the voice control. You press the microphone key and say your words, and voila! - the phone translates it to text and types it for you!

Marc Jackson

How has the wifi been for you? I have a Droid X and got rid of it due to wifi not working properly and currently have a cheap straight talk to test the system.

Marc Jackson

Keith Tyndall

Marc - I use the wifi when I am at home, and it has worked flawlessly on the Precedent, even in the back bathroom where the wifi signal is weak.


Thanks for the reply, Keith. Based on price and features, and heavily influenced by your excellent review, I think I'll be ordering myself one of these this week. : )

Keep up the good work!


First off, let me say that I have spent several hours looking for info for this phone on several sites, and your site is by far the most helpful! Great job, Keith!! :D
Anyways, I was wondering about the android system. Do you think this phone will ever get an update for the android 2.3 (Gingerbread) system? It would stink if it was one of the few Galaxy phones to not get the update. :( Thanks in advance!!

Keith Tyndall

Jeff - It's good to hear that you've found my review helpful! From what I understand, Gingerbread requires a 1Ghz processor, and the Precedent has 800mhz, so unfortunately I don't think you would be able to upgrade this phone to Gingerbread.

Karen Whitney

I have a few questions: 1) Does it have a flash for the camera and video; 2) What is the picture/video quality like; 3) Can you enter street addresses for the contacts; 4) Can you enter email and/or notes for contacts. 5) What about a photo in the contacts; 6) Can you use DocsToGo on this phone Thank you!

Keith Tyndall

Karen - 1) There is no flash for pictures.
2) It has a 2MP camera, so the picture quality is average. Outdoor pictures in bright light come out better than indoor pictures.
3) and 4) and 5) For contacts you can enter a photo, First Name, Last Name, multiple phone numbers, multiple email addresses, multiple street addresses, multiple organizations, multiple IM names, notes, nickname, and multiple websites. There's no shortage of options for contacts!
6) I downloaded the free version of DocsToGo, but it is so limited it's hard to tell how well it works. The phone comes standard with ThinkFree Office, and I was able to use that to view a pdf.


Hey Keith,
I thought you would like to know that not long ago, a friend of mine called S.T. with that android update question, and they said that it might get the update. In disbelief, I called them and asked the same question. This time the answer was actually more certain. He told me that the precedent will "most likely" get the update. :O Either that 1ghz setback doesn't pertain to this phone, or your more knowledgeable than the S.T. representatives. xD
P.S. I asked if they have plans of releasing more touch screen smarts, and he wasn't sure about the touch screen part, but he made it sound like most of their phones that they haven't released yet are going to be smartphones! :O OK, I'll shush now. :P


I was wondering if you could try out Android Assistant on the phone to see if it helps free up resources and keep the phone running smoothly, do any VOIP apps work on the phone for those times you might be outside of your tower area but near a McDonalds and maybe some free WiFi. And do apps like AppMonster work well on the phone? AM can move some apps off the phone on to the SD card to free up the phones physical memory. Sometimes Android Assistant can do this too but not always.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Hey Keith I was wondering if you have any idea when this phone will be in springfeild missouri?Also your review was very helpful for me and will any android apps work with this phone?And can you see how many apps you can run at a time?

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Oh yea I 4got to ask but can you see what reading a book would be like on this phone? Please and thank you Keith.

Keith Tyndall

Jeff - It appears that there's confusion in the Android world over the processor requirements for Android. LG made a statement that it requires a 1GHz processor, and then later someone from the Android team said that there's no hard processor requirement. So who knows. :-) It does make me wonder though, whether Gingerbread would run well on a 800MHz phone, so maybe you wouldn't want to upgrade even if you technically could.

Keith Tyndall

Nicholas - I don't know when the Precedent will be in Springfield. They didn't have them at the Walmart on W. Sunshine, but I haven't checked the others.
You can run any app for Android 2.2, but some of them might require more resources that this entry level phone can provide. For instance, the Netflix app would run on this phone, but after a couple of minutes it stops and says it's buffering. So it can run the app, just not well.
As for how many apps it can run, I went to Settings -> Application Settings -> Manage Applications and pressed the Running tab. It shows about 30 apps running, but many of those are small apps for Android system functions. I have gotten in the habit of actually exiting apps when I'm done so that they will not be running in the background tying up resources.

Keith Tyndall

Nicholas - Reading a book on the Precedent would not be ideal, but probably not much worse than on most other smart phones. If you have the money, the iPhone4 has a better screen resolution and several high-end Android phones have bigger screens, either of which makes reading easier.
I downloaded the ESV Bible app by Crossway, and I find that I can read the text just fine.

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