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September 08, 2011


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Keith Tyndall

Androidfonefan - I downloaded Android Assistant, and it seems to work well. I used it to move some apps to the SD card, and they all moved with no problem. It looks like it takes you to the standard application info display to let you do the move, but AA makes it easy to find which apps need to be moved.
I also downloaded appmonster and used it to back itself up to the SD card, and it worked with no problem.
I downloaded Skype, but I haven't tried to make a VOIP call with it yet. I'll test it and report back.


Is there a way to register as a user to your blog like you do at the HoFo.
So that I don't have to enter my name and email every time I make a comment?


Don't you have to have a Skype acct to make calls with the app on Android?
Or is it free to make calls? To phones that is. I know some of the voip apps will let you call app to app or app to PC for free but not app to phone.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Ok thanks I like the fact you read the bible I needed to know sometime I 4get to bring my bible with me to church and bible study and I dont have enough money to sign a 2 year contract. Thanks for replying.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

To have skype you need to have a front camera.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Yes you need a skype app but this phone doesnt have a front camera and I was told by straight talk that upgradeing the is is permited.


Very informative article. Thanks for the information.


Hey Keith,
Just another fyi for you. I called S.T. again (I guess i like multiple answers xD) and asked if they would put out more touch smarts in the near future. The rep. said Yes, we will put out more touch smarts soon. :O Some of these smarts might be
beyond "basic" and have 1ghz processors. All you Straight Talkers out there that might not want a "basic" android phone or want one with Gigerbread might not have to get a 2 year contract after all. :P

Mike Balog

I understand the Model No.M828-S would mean the phone works off Sprint Towers. The model I was going to order for my area, Zip 03784 had the "C" Suffix after the Model No. What System Tower does that represent? I have a Verizon LG Flip Phone that is Dying, will not last long.
So, I was interested in Ordering this Phone. I had an IM Exchange with someone in customer
Service at SAMSUNG off their Web Site. She told me to Change the Carrier the phone worked on to Call S.T. and get the Code No.Is that Correct? If so, How do you do it. I need this info before I place the order in. I am Retired on Limited Income too. AND am Hard of Hearing. This Phone would work great for me if I could get it to work on Verizon Towers. Thanks. Mike.

Victoria Bowen

Hi I just wanted to say that this blog helped me out alot to decide on this phone. Ive been reading some reivews and they all had been so negative about this phone and it was starting to make me change my mind about this phone. Are their really any important pros and cons that you would give me.

Keith Tyndall

Androidfonefan - There should be some options to sign in right above the comment box so that you don't have to type your info every time.

I successfully made a voice call on wifi using Skype with the Precedent. It doesn't give you the option to make a video call, but the voice call worked with no problems. Skype to Skype calls are free, but Skype to phone calls cost a little.

Keith Tyndall

Leslie - It's good to hear that you found my review useful!

Nicholas - It's nice having a Bible app on my phone. With 2 young kids, my hands are always full, so it's nice having one less thing to carry in to church!

Jeff - Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to seeing what new phones Straight Talk comes out with in the future.

Keith Tyndall

Mike - You would have to talk to someone at Straight Talk to be sure, but I'm 99% sure that the Precedent will only work on the Sprint/Nextel network. Especially when you consider that Straight Talk's coverage map page has a separate map for Android.

You can read my Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent coverage map post for more details about the coverage area.

Keith Tyndall

Victoria - There are two main things you need to understand about this phone - It's an entry level Android phone, and it runs on Sprint.

Some people are down on the Precedent because it is an entry level phone. They compare it to the high end phones and complain that the Precedent doesn't match up. They're right, this phone is not as good as a high end Android phone, but it's also not nearly as expensive and you don't have to sign a two year contract. If you need a phone that has all the bells and whistles, then pay the money and sign a contract and get the latest and greatest phone on the market. If you don't care about all that, then you'll probably be satisfied with the Precedent. I have found that it adequately performs the basic Android functionality. Some exceptions are that it doesn't run the Netflix app well and it doesn't have a front camera so you can't make skype video calls (though skype voice only works).

The other main gripe about the Precedent is that it runs on the Sprint/Nextel network, which is a more limited coverage area, so you'll definitely want to check the coverage maps to see what the coverage is like in your area. I have a link in the comment above this to my post about the coverage area.

I hope this helps!

Victoria Bowen

Yes this helped me out alot and no I just want a simple basic android phone. I dont need to spending all that extra money for a contract that I will get stuck into. I looked at the sprint coverage map since this phone will use sprint towers and my where I live is covered but its hard to tell on the straight coverage map to see if my area is covered. Could I just could by the sprint coverage map

Keith Tyndall

Victoria - If you look at the Sprint map, be sure you click the little button that says Nextel, because that will be the coverage for this phone. In my review I link to another post I did about the coverage, and I also link to that post a couple of comments up from this one. A tip is to look at the coverage map for Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile, since they will be the same coverage as this Straight Talk phone. Other Straight Talk phones use ATT or Verizon, but this is the only Android phone Straight Talk currently has to offer.

Victoria Bowen

I just looked at the coverage map for virgin mobile it said that my area is covered so that means that I will have service for this phone.

Dimi Pana

Just to clarify a point Keith made earlier. The Netflix app saying that it's "buffering" after a couple of minutes, has nothing to do with the phone's CPU processing power or its available resources. It is an indication that the downloading speed available at the time was below the required rate for buffer-free streaming. If this were a CPU, RAM, etc., issue, the symptoms would be different, like slow app loading, freezing, crashing etc.

Having said that I 'd like to thank you Keith for the time and effort you've put into this extremely informative review. I have been researching this ST offer and this phone for two weeks now and your feedback is simply put suberb!

One question I have is about the phone's support for video codecs. Have you tried to play different formats, I read in another review that it will only handle MP4. And that's hard to believe.

Also what is a good application to auto-kill unwanted apps in the background and save resources. And is it possible to remove from the phone programs that I do not want in order to free space. Or, can more apps be loaded into the microSD card?

Thank you!!!!

Keith Tyndall

Dimi - I've been able to run the Netflix app with no problems on a laptop computer and an iPhone4 on the same wifi network, which is why I believe it's a problem with the Precedent rather than a problem with the wifi speed. Even when the Precedent was running Netflix without the buffering, it had some little stutters, which indicates to me that it was barely able to keep up anyway.

I haven't specifically tried any other video formats. Youtube runs fine and the video on the home page of plays well. Videos on don't play, but I don't know if that's a problem with the format or if it's a problem with Flash.

I've downloaded an app called Android Assistant to help with killing unwanted apps in the background. I'm not sure if it will auto-kill apps, but it makes it easier to manually find and stop apps that are running. There's a little icon in the standard Android notifications bar that tells you when you're low on internal memory, so when I see that I go check what can be killed or moved to the microSD card.

You can also use Android Assistant to move apps to the microSD card. You can do this in one of the standard settings displays, but Android Assistant makes it easier. You can also remove apps that you don't want anymore.

It's good to hear that you've found my review useful!

Nicholas Tim Murphy

I bet Im gonna have 1 also and I was gonna many apps and this phone will be my first touch screen so is it like a qwenty except with no keyboard when you are texting and stuff?


I now had this phone for a few days, And i love it. It isnt the best of the best. tho its awesome for the cost.
I love the swype, tho it can be a pain at times, haha.
And the voice asst. is cool and helpful if busy. the pics dont come out HQ but there still good :)
Wifi has worked awesome for me.
The battery dose go fast if alot is running, as normal.
But thats all i know. and over all. its still my fave. the only down would be the service but i guess the sprint service works here so its ok. haha. hopefully they will upgrade.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Do you know if the picture and video camera in this phone can it zoom?Also can it like for example shoot a video while playing angry birds?How often do you have to charge this phone?Also can you like go to the android market place and install the app on to your phone from a computer?Or do you have to do it on the phone?

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Nvm I looked at a few touch screens I now know how to use after watching my friends that have touch screen use there phones.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Do you know how to uninstall the facebook app?


Ah Ha. It is the link called "more"
That was evil of you to hide it in plane sight. LOL

Victoria Bowen

I have a few more questions I was just wondering how does this phone with downloading apps and does this phone have an internet browser where you can just or do you have to put because so I know if I can check my email.

Victoria Bowen

Correction how does this phone do with downloading apps*****


Is there a lot of bloat software on it like what comes on the metro pcs smartphones.

Keith Tyndall

Victoria - You download apps through the Android Market. It's easy and works well, and the apps I've tried have all downloaded fairly quickly with no fuss.
The Precedent does have an internet browser, and you can go to any site you want.

Teddy - I haven't noticed any bloatware really, just the standard Android stuff.

Keith Tyndall

Cassey - Thanks for sharing your experience with the Precedent!

Nicholas - You can zoom the camera, but it's a digital zoom, not optical, so the image quality will be less. There's not an easy way to take screenshots of what's on the phone, but a little Googling on how to take screenshots on an Android phone will turn up some instructions. I've always installed apps directly from the phone because it's fast and easy. I Googled how to install Android apps from computer, and it came up wtih some instructions, but it's easier just to do it from the phone.
You can uninstall apps by going to settings, applications, manage applications, and then touching the one you want to manage. Uninstall, will be an option on the next screen. The Facebook app, however, has the uninstall option grayed out, so it won't let you uninstall it. Interesting.

Jan Memmott

Thanks for your helpful review! I have had this phone for a week, on the Sprint network, of course. My problem is that I can't receive any texts, except from other Straighttalk customers! Sending to other people works MOST of the time, but can take an hour or more for them to receive my mssgs. Customer service doesn't seem to know what to do. Can you help? I'll have to return the phone if it can't be fixed, and I really would like to keep it! I would appreciate any info you can give me. Thank you!

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Darn I dont like facebook oh well and also can you describe how to download music into this phone?

Keith Tyndall

Jan - Unfortunately, I can't help you with the texting problem. One thing you might try is to post your problem on the Straight Talk Facebook page. From what I've seen, they do get back with people and try to help.

I wish I could help more!

Keith Tyndall

Nicholas - You connect the phone to the computer with the usb cable and then you can copy songs to it just like you could to a usb drive. Here are some instructions I found.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Ok I just got done looking can you show what playing the sims 3 on it would look like?


Hey Keith,
Well, the S.T. rep. was right about releasing more touches soon because Straight Talk now has ANOTHER touch screen phone! The phone, called the LG 511C, is strangely "hidden" on the S.T. site though. Instead of looking at the list of phones under the Support>Phones link, you have to go to the Shop>Phones link and put in a zip code that uses CDMA service. The phone was also at the very bottom of the list of phones. odd. Also, it looks like S.T. has noticed all of their customers complaints about them not having Verizon-signal phones anymore because the 511 uses Verizon signal! Way to go, S.T.!! lol The sad part about this phone is that the specs are not as good as the Precedent yet the phone carries an even bigger price tag at $200. Some people say that the 511 isn't even a smartphone. For example, the 511 has a smaller touch screen (although it does have a slide out keyboard), one less home screen than the Precedent, only can support a microSD card up to 16mb instead of 32, different (not androids) operating system, and has two hours less talk time than the Precedent. The Precedent still has my vote. :P

Tammy Sandford

I had a question about ringtones. Are you limited to using just the ones that are already on the phone or can you use any ringtone? And can you set a ringtone specific to a certain person? It also said on Straight Talk's website that this phone is an mp3 player, so could you use a song you put on there as a ringtone? Thanks so much.

Dimi Pana

Κeith -

Thanks once more for the feedback, especially about that buffering issue (earlier in the thread) with Netflix buffering, etc.

Based on this new information you provided, I have to agree 100% that you are right, it is the Precedent that cannot keep up with the Netflix app demands. And that is a bummer, I was under the impression that using Netflix via the Data plan is not so good but I was hoping using it via WiFi would be OK. Apparently, this is not the case. You really provided a great amount of information here.

I heard that this phone does not have or accept Flash. How is it playing YouTube videos then? I also heard it does not support any other but MP4 format videos. Is all that true? Is this important? Even if true, I think it is not.

One final (general) question:

I am a foreign student and expect to finish college and go back home (Europe) in about 1 year. What happens then? Will I be able to unlock the phone (even if I have to pay a phone) so I can use it with a local provider back home?

Sorry, if I am asking too much, it's because there is so much mis-information out there about this phone and your feedback here is always simple, accurate and to the point.

Thank you a million!!!

Dimi Pana

Sorry, in my post above, where I say about unlocking the phone for use in Europe, I meant to say "even if I have to pay a phone-unlocking fee". Also, even though this phone comes with a basic Android install and not much "bloatware" I'd like to confirm that a user can -indeed- remove/uninstall an application not used or not wanted. Is this posssible?

If that's possible (as well as using it overseas) then I am going to buy this phone right away since it is by far the best Android deal in the prepaid market right now.

Thank you -so much- again!

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Saw this phone at walmart the one on coney and glendstone.

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