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September 10, 2011


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Love your sense of humor! (cause I'm old, too!).


Hey I live in Springfield (near the MSU campus), and I was wondering how the voice/data coverage was? Thanks.

Keith Tyndall

Jacob - I haven't specifically tried the phone in the MSU area, but from I can tell from the coverage map, their should be good coverage there. I have taken the phone in various places on the west, northwest, and south sides of Springfield, and the coverage has been good.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Can you you still like text and call outside of the coverage area?


just want to let everyone know, the ppl at tracfone are happy to unlock your galaxy so that it can use either straighttalks verizon or at&t towers. But only if your staying with straighttalk. Boy was I ECSTATIC!!!!!! all you have to do is call and when your activating it, you tell them you want the unlock code so you can use it on so and so's towers inside straighttalk. They're still getting their 45 bucks a month so they don't care what towers your using, just thought I would let everyone know :)

Keith Tyndall

Daisy - Have you actually done this? For one thing, this phone is CDMA and AT&T is GSM, so I don't think it would work on AT&T even if it was unlocked. I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like it would be that easy to move this phone to Verizon or AT&T.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Are you sure Daisy cause this phone is CDMA so I dont think CDMA can transfer over to GSM and even if they did it would b awesome to have this galaxy run on verizon instead of spirint though I think they are trying to have there future smartphones either be on verizon or at&t instead since this is you know there 1st true smartphone so maybe they are trying to see how many buyers they will get then maybe have more smartphones and maybe high end smartphones in the future.


Hi Keith,
You have a VERY informative review of this new Android phone (I've read the other page as well). I've been eying smart phones for a while now and was considering the Samsung Finesse (R810C) which you've also reviewed. I just have to say that I have come to trust your experience and answers to comments provided on your reviews (they've led me to purchase the Samsung R451C that I have now).

I have a few questions regarding this new Precedent:
1) What do you mean by "(mostly) unlimited data" in the statement "$45/month for a no contract Android phone with unlimited talk and text and (mostly) unlimited data is a pretty sweet deal".
2) Do you think Straight Talk will offer "refurbished" Precedent phones? I picked up my current R451C for a whopping $20 as "refurbished" and have had no complaints as far as quality.

Thanks again for your time and effort to create such an informative space on the Internet. God Bless.

Keith Tyndall

Ken - It's good to hear that you have found my site useful! By "mostly unlimited" data I mean that if you use multiple GB of data, you might get a call from Straight Talk to be sure you're not tethering to a laptop or something. For most people, this won't be a problem, but it comes up sometimes for people who are "bending" the rules in Straight Talk's terms of service.
I'd say there's a decent chance that there will be refurbished Precedent's available sometime. I've seen several reports of people who didn't realize that it runs on Sprint, and have returned the phone, so those will undoubtedly end up for sale as refurbs in the future.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Straight said you cant make this phone go off on other towers. Which isnt a problem for the most part as I only leave highways and city for church camp and this year possibly a missionary trip so it wont be a problem as long as it doesnt act weird and I do like sprint a little bit since they have beter call guility than all other carrers. And also this phone cant upgraded to ginger bread as straight talk said it is not allowed to do that. Anyway my question is since this is the first android for straight talk do you think we will see more androids their or not?

Keith Tyndall

Nicholas - I'm sure they'll put out another Android phone sometime, but I haven't heard of any in the rumor mill, so I don't think it will be real soon.

Nicholas Tim Murphy

Ok good I like that alot.:)

Nicholas Tim Murphy

I heard a rumor that straight talk smartphones will run on spirint like this phone is and if so will all those phones work with in mexico and missouri?


Nicholas- Go to google and type "spint coverage map" or something like that and press the first (I think it's the first) link. A little map (like google maps) will pop up, except this map shows Spint's coverage. After this, just type in the place you want to find in the address box above the map. :)

Nicholas Tim Murphy

I did its GSM only so looks like when Im out of college and have money 4 a missionary trip Ill have to get a GSM but thats ok Ill just have a spirint phone and a GSM phone. :)


What zip codes does this phone generally work in? I have a straight talk phone now and when I try to order the Samsung Galaxy it say's it is not covered in my area. I would like to know why it wouldn't work in my area if my straight talk phone I have now works fine. What areas would this phone work the best in?

Keith Tyndall

Bealina - The Straight Talk Android phones run on the Sprint/Nextel network, while the other Straight Talk phones run on Verizon, AT&T, or Tmobile. The Sprint/Nextel network generally has good coverage around cities and major highways, but not so much in more rural areas.

taylor davidson

ok daisy would you plzz give me the codes you called for those at&t towers, that would be amazing :)

taylor davidson

or daisy verizon codes would be perfect to :)


I know you posted this a couple of months ago, so I hope you will see this and address my question... I am interested in buying the LG Optimus Q for Straight Talk. My Area IS covered by Spring and also according to the 2 coverage maps on Straight Talk's website. My concern is this... If I am traveling to an area where there is NO android coverage, I know it will not get access to data however... will an android phone in a non android coverage area still be able to make and receive calls & texts if it is in the non android coverage area?

Fannie Cords-Poff

I got my husband an android. It will not work in non android coverage area. I cant text or call him. Also he cant text or call me. The only thing that works on it is the Wi-Fi out of service area.


K- No, it won't. Since this phone does not have roaming, once you get out of your service area, you will not be able to make or recieve calls and texts. :)
Fannie Cords-Poff- Refer to K's answer. :P


How can I use my samsung galaxy precedent if I am outside of my coverage area? I do not have wi fi in my home; so, I will not be able to use my wi fi on my cellphone.


@ Keith Tyndall:

Can you add Disqus comments to this blog? Typepad is not the best solution, just saying.

Disqus even gives you instructions for installing either via a Typepad blog, or by using a universal JavaScript code that can be used anywhere.


Has anyone tried to update the profile and PRL of the phone under the settings/system updates to get it to work in areas that it hasn't worked in before?


Just spent five hours on the phone with straighttalk who said I had to buy a new phone, Tracphone who kept sending me to Straighttalk and Samsung who said that they could not provide me with the unlock code (straighttalk bought rights to Galaxy Precedent) but it can be done. Finally got a superior from Tracphone to confirm this and was beginning process to change it over from Sprint network to Verizon network, had to transfer me to a different department and I was told that it could not be done again and told me to buy another phone. It is possible but Straighttalk and Tracphone just want more money.


Angie- Sorry, but you won't be able to. :( Your only option is wifi hotspots such as McDonalds.

Stephanie- I have updated once, but not for that reason. I was just curious. Nothing changed for me except I was unable to log into the app store and use internet-related things for like 2 days. o_o Sometimes they automatically update themselves.

Amber- Thanks for the update. Not many people know that... :O



Straight talk is now offering refurb precedent phones for $69.99. I know this because I have been checking the website several times over the last few weeks and the precedent was not here just last week. Better hurry because they won't last long! Hope this helps!

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