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October 24, 2011


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On 11/2/2011, a 60 minute card + DMFL + code 67861 = 180 new minutes.


revol offers wireless reviews coupon codes.


There is a typo on the promo code 21840. It should be 21480. I just tried it and it is still active.


67861 works for 60 minutes. 180 total on double minute phone


Promo code 67861 still active on 2/19/2012.


These promo codes are great however if you purchase the LG800g for $40, you get triple minutes for life with the phone. This is a great touchscreen phone and with the promocodes on offer, it costs you almost nothing to run a cellphone. With companies like Tracfone and prepaids there is no such thing as an overly expensive cellphone service but BEWARE of contracts

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I find you very talented. As you learn a lot..


Ive never had luck with the promocodes I thought that Net10, Straighttalk and Tracfone were all the same


Yes, they are all part of the same company but that doesn't mean that a Tracfone promo will work for a Net10. Only Tracfone deals work on Tracfone phones. I have always used Tracfone and have found it to be very efficient and reliable and with the double minutes and promo codes I find running my cellphone very inexpensive indeed. I have no desire to switch so am not too clued up on Net10 or Straighttalk

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